Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic – Which One Is Better

Paid Traffic or Organic Traffic – Which One Is Better

Businesses often face a dilemma about the fact that whether to invest in paid SEO or work on their organic search engine optimization processes to acquire better traffic into the website. This has till now remained argumentative that whether organic SEO method or paid SEO yields better traffic for a website. In practical terms, none of the methods can be considered the best for generating traffic into the website. However, both of the methods are applied for obtaining the optimum results. Deciding on which one is better for a website to obtain traffic into the website is difficult to analyze.

Today, most of the businesses aim to acquire a good amount of traffic into the website. The goal to achieve the maximum amount of traffic into the website is common to all as that helps generate more sales and prospective leads for the business. The need of boosting the traffic to the website makes it necessary for the marketers on the digital platform to take the help of the search engine optimization processes. There are many topmost SEO companies in India, which provide distinctive SEO services in this regard. There can be various kinds of Search engine optimization processes that are utilized to acquire traffic to the website. Such kinds of traffic acquiring methods are organic and PPC.

paid vs organic

There are certain companies, which want an instant boost in the website traffic. In such circumstances, the PPC (Pay per click) ad will generate you instant results. These kinds of techniques to increase the traffic into the website require more investment of money for sustaining the traffic for long. On the other hand, organic traffic offers you long-term benefits as this kind of traffic relies largely on proper search engine optimization processes. Proper SEO techniques involve creating unique content, generating links for the website, writing precise Meta descriptions for the website pages, and much more alike. Adopting the organic method of acquiring traffic involves provides valuable and long lasting results.

As mentioned above, it depends on the requirement of the business that what kind of traffic they want for their website. The factors that lead the selection process of acquiring certain type of website traffic includes:

  • The kind of traffic you want for your website
  The decision for which one you should opt to acquire traffic to the website is determined by the fact that what kind of website traffic you want for your business. If you want long-term benefits of website optimization processes than the organic traffic is the ideal choice for you. But, if you are looking for quick website conversions such as product tests or sales, then opting for PPC should be the ideal choice for you.  

  • The budget factor

The amount you are willing to invest on search engine marketing largely determines which kind of traffic you will use for your website. Most of the times, paid traffic are considered a little costlier as it generates instant sales conversions for the business. So, if you have a limited budget and want a better traffic in your website, then consider opting for organic traffic. Organic traffic is a cheap alternative to PPC.

  • Your competition for keywords

Whether you should opt for organic traffic or PPC, your competition for keywords will remain the determining factor. If you want fast results for acquiring traffic to your website, then PPC should be the perfect choice for you.

Organic traffic will yield you long lasting benefits while Paid traffic helps to obtain instant conversions. Most of the marketers using the digital platform do not rely on any one traffic acquiring method as digital marketing is a very competitive field that requires usage of smarter techniques and processes to withstand undisputedly in this platform.

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