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The Top 4 Web Development Trends of 2017 – Part I

The Top 4 Web Development Trends of 2017 – Part I

In this 21st-century era, the web has become an integral part of the life system of the people. People use the web for every sort of a work whether professional or personal. The digital platform is used for works like shopping to banking. The immense popularity of the digital platform has led businesses to target this platform for marketing, promotion, and selling of products and services. Making a strong brand identity in this web world helps to earn huge profits, which ultimately leads to growth and success of the business. Making a strong online presence largely depends on the factors like the structure of the website, proper targeting of the customers, making effective website optimization efforts, etc. All these factors play a crucial role to rank higher in search engines and acquire better visibility on the digital platform.

A website is often regarded as the mirror to the business products and services. If a website is properly designed and structured, then you are automatically able to drive more customers. Developing a well-structured website often requires the assistance of the expert web development professionals. The top web development companies in India offer the most proficient services with regard to web development and designing. Last year the online industry has witnessed a lot many developments that have enabled us to chalk out some important trends for the year 2017. The online industry is marked by distinctive trends in the year 2017 all of which aims to enhance the performance of the platforms and reconsider the loopholes found in the year 2016. Making a list of the latest trends, let’s take a look at the top trends of web development in the year 2017 (Part-1).

Web Development Trends

Here is the list of top four web development trends of 2017 – Part I


  • Artificial Intelligence


If you talk about the future of technology, artificial intelligence is always on the top of the agenda. In the last year, a lot many advancements is made in the field of Artificial Intelligence. This is one of the most popular types of tech-friendly feature that make the process of web development and designing a very hassle-free task. Artificial Intelligence is a feature that aims to customize a website with programmed algorithms. This system enables a developer to get the required website design, layout, and structure much conveniently. AI saves a lot of time and effort of the developers. In the present era, some of the giant companies like Google and Facebook are releasing their artificial intelligence technology that can be used by the public. The use of AI in 2017 has emerged as the topmost trends in web development as this system offers better operational functionalities for web development.


  • Virtual Reality


With the world becoming technologically advanced, a lot many high-tech features are getting invented each day that is revolutionizing the industry to a great extent. One of the most eminent high-tech features that have changed the perspective of the onlookers and users of digital platform is the introduction of virtual reality. Virtual Reality makes us look into 2D artificial objects in Virtual 3D perspectives. This form of technological feature has already revolutionized the gaming industry and is making a move towards web development in the year 2017. The giant companies like Google and Mozilla are working on the APIs to help Virtual Reality technology to bring transition into the web world. As now the standards of VR are developing, it is expected that more applications will be developed using the VR technologies.


  • Internet of things (IOT)


The internet of things is another significant tech-friendly feature that is re-conceptualizing the future of technology. The internet of things is a system that typically provides non-internet-connected objects a network connectivity in order to receive and send data. This system is bringing a radical change in the web development department. The big firms like Xively and Buglabs have already begun working on APIs that enables developers to communicate with IOT devices.  However, though IOT brings an opportunity for innovation, a lot many concerns are raised, especially around security. The emergence of this system into the web development sector has made it interesting for the web developers to use a platform that is innovative in structure but retains extreme chances of hacking.


  • Rails 5


Rails 5 is one of the most significant innovations made out of technology. The newest version of Rails 5 has just released in June 2016 and holds some interesting add-on features into it. This feature of web development is still new and is expected to grow popularity in 2017.

The add-on features of the newest version of Rails 5 are:


  • Turbolinks 5


This is a system has allows developers to create single page applications directly from Rails stack. It fetches full HTML pages and replaces the body without making use of the client-side JavaScript frameworks.


  • ActionCable


This is a new method of using webSockets in Rails that aims to create real-time applications.

These tech-friendly trends aim to bring radical changes in the web development industry. These features will enhance the functionality of the websites and enable the businesses to hold a strong online identity on the digital platform.

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