Top 5 Tips to Identify a Fake or Scam Website

While in this present digital marketing landscape, every business tends to market its products and services online, it is essential that proper security measures are maintained to avoid getting attacked by the hackers or online fraudulent. The wide utilization of the digital platform as an effective medium of marketing and promotion makes it the most prone to security breaches and hacking attacks. There are many fake websites that are operating online, which makes it is important for the users to become aware of such kinds. Identifying a fake website is a very difficult task as the fraudsters are cunning enough to create a convincing website. The top digital marketing companies in India are aware of these fraud online activities and so always recommend people to follow some basic guidelines to identify a website’s nature and reputation. So, to help online users identify fake or scam websites, below a list of five top guidelines to identify a fake website are provided.

Fake or Scam Website

The Top Five Ways to Identify a Fake or Scam Website are:
  1. Cross Checking the Domain Name

Always cross check the domain name of the websites to ensure its identity. Be conscious about the type of domain names used by most of the website and cross check the website’s domain name genuineness with regard to that.

  1. Never Pay Through Bank Transfers

Never opt for direct payments through bank transfers. Many fake websites tend to use this trick to fool people. When you buy something online through debit or credit card there are still some chances to get back the money, but if you opt for direct bank transfers, you are left with no options to get your money back.

  1. Properly Analyze That Whether the Offer Is Too Good to be True

Fake websites tend to use low prices to allure online user’s attraction towards their fake or non-existent items. So, it is very much important for the online users to check the genuineness of the offer when purchasing online. You must make proper research about the product cost on the other online stores and cross-check the offer given on the product.

  1. Check the Return Policy

If the online website is selling products online, then it must be having a shipping and returns policy listed on its website. The shipping or return policy gives you the information about where and how to return a faulty item. But, if the website is fake, it would have no return or shipping policy mentioned. This is very useful way to identify the genuineness of an online website.

  1. Read Some Online Reviews Before Actually Attempting to Purchase Something from the Website

Reviews help you to get an overview about the user’s experience of buying or taking the service of an organization.  Online reviews enable you to get knowledge about the reputation and genuineness of a website. You must check out several reviews from different sources to cross check that the website is fake or real.

Thus, if you checklist these above-mentioned guidelines, you will able to identify fake or scam website quite easily. Through the online fraudsters are intelligent enough to fool people, but taking a note of these mentioned above guidelines will allow you to maintain proper check of the genuineness of the website.


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