Top Five Social Media Highlights for the Year 2017

Top Five Social Media Highlights for the Year 2017

Today's era is a digital era, where everything starting from promotions, marketing, to selling is done on the digital platform. The digital platform is one of the crucial podiums in the present tech-friendly world, where a business needs to establish itself for achieving success and growth. Creating a strong and magnificent brand identity on the online platform helps a business acquire increased productivity and higher profits. For establishing a strong brand identity and increase sales on the digital platform, one needs to have a complete hold on the online marketing techniques and processes. The most significant elements of digital marketing are SEO, SMO, SMM, content marketing, etc. Out of all, SEO and SMO are vital for achieving effective reachability on the digital platform.

While SEO serves the base of establishing a strong brand identity, SMO embarks on effective marketing and promotions of a business through its core network and a wide number of users. The top digital marketing companies in India focus on these two aspects very consciously so as to maximize profit and earn a better online position. On looking back in the year 2016, we get to see a lot many significant highlights in all areas of digital marketing that needs to be given proper attention. Social media marketing is a very useful way to reach a wider number of audiences in a shorter period of time and promote the products and services effectively. SMO in the current times plays the core function of a competent digital marketing tool that directs the attention of the online users to a particular website or page. It is a very effective area to target customers and increase the online traffic.

In the year 2016, there are found a lot many observations in social media marketing that highlights the main observations for 2017. Looking back into the charts of 2016 for social media marketing, here let's look at the top five social media highlights for the year 2017.

Top 5 Social Media

The top five highlights of social media in 2017 are:
  • There is not a single social media marketing strategy that fits all

2016 has taught us that there is no correct way to approach social media marketing. Different marketers use different tactics and strategies for engaging visitors. Some believe that creating small community-based circles on social platforms help drag more visitors while other believe that becoming a part of the larger groups and social communities might help acquire the attention of the target customers on the social media platform. The technique adopted for social media marketing largely depends on the nature of the business and its goals. Every business in this era has its own unique approach to marketing and sales on the social platforms that help them to acquire the desired number visitors into the website.

  • Social interaction between brands and its customers is essential to maintain

One of the key highlights of 2016 social media trends is that customers feel more connected to brands with whom they can interact directly on the social platforms. The customers feel the connection with the brand they follow by getting engaged in regular interactions. The social interactions are real, which reduces the boundaries between the business and consumers attracting more connection and attraction towards the services and products of the business. These days, every social platform whether Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., all strive to establish a connection between the business and consumers with a more real and strong outlook.

  • Mobile-friendly nature of website is mandatory to acquire higher visitor engagement

Nowadays, with the growth in the usage of smartphones, people have predominantly started using the mobile phones for accessing the web and social media accounts. This makes it essential for the marketers to make their website mobile-friendly so as to acquire a higher level of visitor engagement and keep up with the latest trends. With the experience of the last year, it is highly recommended to the customers to adapt to the social media strategy keeping in view the mobile users to garner the highest attention of your target market.

  • Content, context, and conversations made on social media are effective to drag visitors into the website

Content is quite often regarded as the king on the digital platform. Sharing highly informative and appealing content on the social media platform helps grab the attention of the target visitors very effectively. Conversations made on the social media platforms largely depend on the content and context. The year 2016 has highlighted the importance of contextual strategy for different platforms very appropriately.

  • The ability to grow network using the social media channels can help you achieve higher visitor engagement

The primary reason for which the social media platforms are utilized is its shareability feature on the social media platforms. Sharing important updates, relevant contents, etc., with the customers on the social media platforms helps maintain a connection with the end-users. This is the key aspect of social media marketing that one should take the advantage off.

The observations made on the social media marketing trends of 2016 has provided a brief overview of the areas that one should concentrate upon while planning a social media marketing strategy in the year 2017.

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