Using the Rich Results Tool Introduced by Google You Can Now Test Structured Data

Using the Rich Results Tool Introduced by Google You Can Now Test Structured Data

There are a lot of updates and new releases from Google on a regular interval of time. This time yet again Google has come up with a new tool that can test all structured data of your website. This tool is referred by Google as the ‘rich results tool’. This tool has got introduced by Google as a catch-all tool for testing rich snippets, rich cards, and other “rich” additions to a website’s content. In order to keep things simple, Google has coined the phrase “rich results” to refer to all of these that mean its new tool is called the “rich results testing tool”.

As Google is used as one of the major search engines all over the world, the SEO companies in India and abroad keep their eyes on all the latest introductions by Google throughout the year. This rich results testing tool is a way by Google to test all types of structured data that can be shown as rich results like JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. It offers a more accurate representation of how a page is displayed in search results as well as the ability to test structured data within dynamically loaded content.

Rich Results Tool

At present, the rich results testing tool by Google is able to test the following types of structured data that includes recipes, jobs, movies, and courses. As per Google, the introduction of this testing tool is just the first step and support for more data types that will be rolled out over time. Using the rich results testing tool is just like using any of Google’s other testing tools. You just have to enter the URL of your website, run it through the tool, and you will automatically directed to the ‘review test results’ page. Invalid code will be highlighted so you will know exactly what to fix if there are any issues. If and when you are satisfied with the results of the test using the rich results tool, the page can be submitted to Google’s index directly from testing tool.

How the “Rich Results Testing Tool” Introduced By Google Can Help Digital Marketers?

Google is an important search engine used by most of the website owners. Using Google’s rich results tool, website owners can check how a site appears in the search results. Some of the important features were available to find the errors in a website and to solve the things at the earliest. Structured data is the important information given to the search engine to understand the relevancy of the content. If a webpage in your site is implemented the structured data incorrectly then it will be highlighted by this rich results tool, when tested. This allows you to get acquainted with the inaccuracies in your website structured data. It is very helpful for understanding the areas of work in your website and improves its quality.

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