What Is The Best Use Of Typography, Color Or Templates In Social Media Images To Get Maximum Conversion?


In this advanced era of digital marketing, you must have explored the efficiency of Social media and for the same it is very evident that you are using the platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn for efficient content marketing. Have you ever thought to increase user’s interactions because if your article or post is not shared, all the efforts will be in vain? So, it is very important that your article or post must attract the users as well as must convince them to share it.

An image always carries 90% more efficiency than reading as users think faster about images than the write-ups. Here, I have placed all the hidden measures that your images will convince better to share.

Some important requisites to make a social media images sharable:-

  • Relevance: - Do not relate your business niche only, but the images should think about the audience also.

  • Typography: - Image font or text will constitute your thinking and intention for the post.

  • Colors: - Colors say more than the subject. To get maximum share use proper color combination.

  • Emotion: - If you can make a touch with user’s feelings, chances of sharing get higher.

  • Hashtags and Text: - To increase audience interactions, it is important to use proper titles, hashtags etc.

Now, I am going to make all of these aspects a little elaborate that will bring the proper way and tactics to launch a maximum sharable social media image.

1. Relevance

Relevancy is an indispensable factor in the field of content marketing and the respective image you are placing as a social media content must follow your business .i.e. what are you doing and for whom?

An image helps user to understand your image 1000X faster than write-up. So, choose an image that forces the users to understand what you are saying and what is next?

An image must satisfy three factors and those are Niche-Brand-status. If these are not followed, the reader will be going to omit your post. Relevant image has another benefit. If you are writing in high level language, the image can constitute the message of your post. Moreover, if your image is unable to make sense accordance to your business, there will be nothing to gain.

There are certain ways to get some relevant images as well as topics. Look at the following.

Choose some top authorities of your niche.

Follow them at Twitter

Check the pictures they share having maximum retweets.

Find the relevancy among those images.

If you are unable to specify such top authorities, do not be worried. There are still some ways that you can get a clear picture of relevancy. You have to remember always that it is not the matter what you are trying to expose through an image, but the matter is what audiences are thinking after getting the image. In this concern I want to provide an additional tip that an image may be abstract or taken as a real snap, it must fit your business and niche with a little power to make sense your audience. If your images have these qualities, then you have found the goal shot.

 2. Typography

There are many marketers still using simple design fonts, but the hidden aspects is that writing font is like the body language of an image.

So, what is the best way to gain more readers and sharing? It is nothing but emotion. If your font is powerful to make the readers think about common philosophy of daily life, there will surely be a share. Moreover, how much you can motivate your readers through the images, the more shares you will gain. Now, here are some basic aspects to choose right font and style

  • Make three copies of the same image fonts and compare them from different aspects. Practically, you will publish that one which has made you think a little bit. It is a better and easier way to choose font and style.

  • The font must hit user’s emotion.

  • Always make sure that the fonts you have used are readable. Experimenting varied font style you must not make the write-ups illegible.

3. Colors

Colors always carry additional strength. According to some experts, it has been tested that around 60% buyers make a purchase attracted by a product’s color combination. So, in case of content marketing you cannot forget about the same.

Still now, there are uncountable experiments and tests have been operated to explore the colors that attract people most. In case of sharing habits, little has been explored, still now.

A recent report of Georgia Tech has placed the fact that among 1,000,000 images of Pinterest in 2009 and 2010, there are some specified colors that promote higher as well as lower sharing.

Some higher sharing colors are like Purple, Red and pink.

Some lower sharing colors are like Blue, Black, Green, and Yellow etc.

So, what will be your color combination if there is no text in the images? In this concern you can better use the background color combination or the impression of the major figures with the same image.

4. Emotion

There is no doubt that social media sharing always depends upon the puzzle of emotion and if you are able to crack it, there is the goal.

Now, what are the basic aspects to make your image emotional? Just look at the following.

Resources: - An image must carry enough resources to ventilate your thoughts.

Color: - A better color combination can crack user’s emotions.

Complexity: - It is the blending of emotions. How much emotional diversion your image can cover is the core aspect to success.

Showing emotions: - There are some basic trends of thinking and users always think about these common feelings like amazement, interest, serenity, astonishment and more. If your image has one of these powers, you will gain more sharing.

Now, is it possible to mingle more emotions using simple graphics? Here is your answer below.

Basically you do not have to be a graphic designer to produce some social media images. There is a need of little knowledge how audiences treat an image design.

First, do not include too many aspects to be analyzed by the users. It brings confusion.

Secondly, Using of white space brings clarity and do not underestimate the blank space of an image.

Thirdly, Place the message clearly that you want to share.

Forth one is that you must not forget to use the templates of the apps like Canva or Share Image.

5. Hashtags and Texts

Now after managing all of these when you are ready to publish your image along with content, you must know the tricks of getting sharing success. What are those?

It is basically the optimization of texts. To optimize a text for better sharing check the following aspects.

Is the text relevant to image?

Can the audience find the match easily?

Is the text focusing your business?

Will your readers take it seriously?

If all the answers are positive then the text and font is ready. Now, it is important to place Hashtags to get maximum extent of sharability. Hashtag on the text will show the post in case of community search. If you are involved in a business of car service your title text or description may be like Best #CarService.

The result is that whenever the users searching on social media for a car service, the result list will include your presence. So, do not forget to place Hashtag before your Meta keyword of business.

So, now for the revision what you have learnt just memorize the following flow.

Relevant Topic ≥ Typography ≥ Emotional touch ≥ Color combination ≥ simple graphics ≥ Hashtag and text

Conclusion: - So, these are all about the requisites to make a social media image more and more shareable. Have you tested or implemented all of these before? Do not forget to place your valuable responses.

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