Larry Page advised: “If your company engages in PPC marketing, you can still access a treasure trove of valuable search query data by linking your company’s AdWords account with your Google Analytics account and use that data for future keyword research projects.” It’s historic since SES Boston in February, 2003.

That Google is phenomenal and unpredictable nowadays does require no explanation. With recent stream of updates and string of announcements, it seems to be abysmally unfathomable too. I can remember those times when I was more than a Google tic. Faced by any query, whom did I ask to? It was Google. Unsolved an exam paper, who was to be trusted? It was Google. Decided to campaign an honest cause, which platform would I love to ride across? It was again the Google.

Nowadays, I’m feeling being asked to not love it so ardently, for “love” for it is no more meant without delivering gains to it. Not doing it is not being allowed to enjoy its services any more. A California No – instead of bluntly saying ‘no’, Californians say no by avoiding the questions. Google seems to have mastered this art!

Mr Larry parried the question too. What about! Don’t you know yet?

If you are a simply a small fry doing online business and can’t afford to participate in Google-promoted Pay-per-Click advertising campaign, then the chances are, you will be left out of even participating competition. Grossly saying though.

From making keyword or search query irrelevant to encrypting status of keyword-driven positions, among others, very common online businesses which cannot run PPC campaign for their businesses will come a cropper.

Will they be really? Why don’t we think its steps taken as a good stead to preclude attempts of turning the hard-built holy land of Google a trash? Organic search engine results pages were always meant for businesses who could deliver right and accurate answers, services, and or products, whichever the searchers were seeking out to have from this search engine.

At the end of everything, Google has two things on its mind – one is to give its searchers a good search experience with right and accurate SERPs, and the other is to make profits from providing various services including PPC ad campaigns. In my opinion, it is no guilt on its part to make upon these two pillars of policy property. In fact, they are fundamentally very much central to all of us.

With encrypting search terms and giving more services to logged-in search, it might be frustrating many SEO marketers, but it will be indeed a great move for their industry. Great SEO is great content with powerful digital endorsements from relevant and authoritative websites, which result in business results that transcend the keyword conversion.

In the backdrop of new developments, online marketers need to focus on enhancing organic traffic as a whole, achieving business objectives such as lead generation and increment of online sales, building brand identity and increasing branded communities. In my opinion, it will boost SEO people to emphasize more on business results rather than keywords. That should be the place where their focus has to be actually.

Marketers don’t need to worry about, for SEO contents are usually themed content around a specific topic which will still be track-able for their SEO performance effecting the redirected URLs. Again, tracking organic content at a page level, rather than a singular keyword level, would make a lot more sense in the view of the latest increment in the keyword ranking volatility.

At the end of everything, quality Content will rule the roost under the God-ship of Google. Today’s Google Hamming Bird Algorithm Update will make searchers more happy to see the results where content quality and information will play major role!