Youtube Optimization

Youtube Optimization

Are you looking for great exposure to your business? Only a dedicated marketing strategy and proper guidance can help you to achieve a comprehensive success. So, it is your responsibility to search those facilities in a single platform. 

Here we are introducing the biggest search engine in the world; that is YouTube. It is crucial that you start using YouTube video to achieve a great marketing service. YouTube plays a great role to collect more viewers. It is especially for the people who are interested in watching the videos rather than reading an article. It can capture more attention of the viewers. To avail this facility, you need to ensure that the videos are much more interesting and informative to keep the viewers interested in watching. Zebra Techies Solution is one of the best Youtube Video Optimisation & marketing company in India.

We can help you in this regard by targeting, optimizing, and promoting your videos. Our experts have enough knowledge and experience to facilitate you with all those facilities in a comprehensive manner.

YouTube Optimization Packages In India

YouTube Optimization PackageBASIC
  • 120$/Month
  • 8$/Hr
  • 15hrs(work on Page)
  • 200$/Month
  • 8$/Hr
  • 25hrs(work on Page)
  • 320$/month
  • 8$/Hr
  • 40 hrs (work on Page)
YouTube Account Setup✔✔✔
Video Sharing456
Video Infographic011
Explainer Video111
Promotional Video111
White Board Animation011
Animated Video001
Story Telling Video001
Story Upload234
Sign up to Tube Buddy(extension)✔
Thumbnail Generator✔✔
Title/Description Suggestion✔✔✔
LinkedIn AC setup✔✔✔
Sharing video to other Social Media Accounts(Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest etc..)yes(2 Accounts)yes(4 Accounts)yes(6 Accounts)
Keyword Generationyes(5)yes(15)yes(30)
Suggestion For Trending Video✔
Monthly Report✔✔✔
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