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SEO Services

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We can set the right goals for your business with tailor-made SEO services plans, and accomplish them through a flurry of whitehat activities.

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PPC Marketing

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Get the right audience at the right price. We'll help you get qualified, convertible leads with our affordable PPC management services.

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Digital Marketing

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We deliver digital marketing services worldwide for small businesses to enterprise-level corporations from different business verticals.

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Hire Web Developer

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Get CMS and Ecommerce website development services. Our web services are available on an hourly or dedicated basis at competitive rates.

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Web Design

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We have a team of web designers who specialize in using the latest design technologies and creating prototypes for real-time feedback.

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360° Digital Marketing Services for Your Brand

Be Our Guest & The Coffee’s On Us!

Say goodbye to guesswork. Trust a marketing team that is committed to helping you succeed. Our digital marketing experts help small to enterprise-level businesses digitize their brands with data-driven marketing strategies. Get real revenue forecasts right away with a free audit report. Our number-driven roadmaps and custom marketing strategies will help you feel confident in your ROI. So, as you partner with us, you get a growth-focused marketing strategy and a team of specialists in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SEM), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing, Custom Website Design & Development Services.

Our SEO consultants have the latest know-how to elevate your brand through innovative marketing solutions, custom strategies, various social media channel expertise, and flawless execution. Whether branding for ecommerce stores, application-based sites, or SaaS-based applications, you can count on us. We can help you grow your online footprint and build everlasting brand awareness and credibility and generate “qualified” leads for your business from your “targeted” market region as you leverage our fully customized marketing campaign strategies.

Our Approach To Digital Marketing Solutions:
On-site Strategy and Optimizations

We begin every SEO campaign by taking the time to review your website in-depth. We can then develop a digital marketing strategy on how to improve your visibility in search engines from there.

Competitor Research

Analyze how your competitors are competing with you. In order to develop your strategy, we first need to understand the market before we offer you one of our affordable digital marketing packages.

Keyword Research

Successful SEO marketing by an SEO agency requires keyword research. Our keywords are selected based on their ability to produce real results for our clients in terms of new leads and sales.

Analytics and Conversion Growth

With one of the best SEO services in India agencies, you will get clear reports on traffic and conversions to your site.Our actions are always optimized using only proven analytical tools.


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Our Featured Digital Marketing Services

If you want to win more search engine traffic, partner with the best digital marketing company in India that delivers bespoke, data-led optimization strategies.
You'll forget all about account managers and pushy salespeople when you see the success our search engine marketers can provide.


Data-Led SEO Powerhouse

Embrace our digital marketing and growth solutions to achieve your full potential.


Our SEO experts focus solely on data-led SEO management. This approach allows us to deliver superior results and directly impact your website's conversion rate.


You can always monitor the SEO work we're doing on your website. Every month, you'll get reports from our search engine marketers with crucial data presented in a user-friendly format.

No Account Managers

No to adding your project to an account manager! You will always be in touch with an SEO specialist who will work directly on your website. They will be ready to answer any questions you have.


You have the freedom to choose from different payment options, including the subscription model. If you're not happy with the results, you can cancel the contract at any time.

Our Happy Clients


27+ Top Rated Paid Tools

We have access to 27+ Top Rated Paid tools for a better quality of work.


Move Fast & Get Results

We don't play favorites when it comes to digital marketing. Our toolbelt is packed with everything we need to create an effective channel and strategy selection, and test new ideas quickly.

Bring value to your business with our data-driven approach to on-page SEO, social media and online paid advertising. Create campaigns that generate leads, sales, downloads, and even awareness through our effective strategies.
Our SEO specialists are here to help you better understand your business, competitors, and focus products. We'll show you how our SEO strategies can get results, and explain our thinking behind every step.
A business can't ignore social media. You have to balance so many activities under its umbrella. Our SMM experts professionalize your social media pages to optimize traffic, engagement, and sales.
There are many ways for lead generation. Your site offers many conversion options. By using PPC, Facebook & Instagram, LinkedIn paid ads campaigns, we bring in your best customers. We’ve a very transparent ads management policy you’ll love.
Our team will implement high-quality content based on the chosen keywords, and optimize content on your website. By doing so, we will increase your website's online presence, which will lead to new visitors.
A valuable backlink profile will be built using links from a variety of proven, and high-quality sources as part of the link building services process. This will increase your domain authority in Google's eyes.
You will receive clear reports on your website's traffic and conversions as part of our whitehat SEO process. We always optimize our actions using proven analytical tools in order to achieve better results.


Talking the talk is easy, but can we walk the walk? We at Zebra Techies Solution know that we are able to hop, skip, and jump the walk [and finish first]. From sales that soar to clicks that convert, we are proud of the success we have created through our SEO, SMO, PPC, Content Writing Services for our amazing clients. Below are some of their comments about our company:

  • Til tross for ikke å være innfødt til vårt land, klarer laget ditt til å bringe nettstedet i toppen rangering posisjon. Jeg er virkelig imponert over beundringsverdig tjenester som du og laget ditt har gitt. Jeg er glad for å ha dine merk tjenester.

  • These guys do EXCELLENT WORK!! They are always polite and available. I now have 3 SEO projects going with them and very happy to continue to be in business with them. Their work ethic is great!

  • Zebra Techies Solution has helped our company to develop our website, and thereby, increased our competitiveness in domestic, as well as overseas market. Through their flawless organic search engine optimization efforts, it has been possible for our website to achieve top Google rankings. Previously, our search engine rankings had fallen significantly. But, after taking the services of Zebra Techies Solution, we are now holding higher rankings in almost all the keywords. We have got the true value of our money spent.

  • Have been working with this organization for over Three years and can say they have diligently worked on white method of enhancing my Google words positions, there has been an improvement on all front.

  • Did exactly what I ask, communicated every week with reports. Very painless process, will use again. I received response within one day every time which meets my expectations considering we are 12,000 miles apart.

  • Always helpful, fast response and willing to answer questions at anytime. Excellent service.

  • I have hired the services of Zebra Techies Solution for optimizing my websites. Throughout the optimization process, they have always stayed in touch with me, and kept providing timely updates of their work. I truly appreciate the way these professionals work as a team and use effective and innovative SEO strategies to deliver the desired results. Therefore, I highly recommend this SEO company to all those, who are looking for a company with proven results in SEO.

  • After working with Zebra Techies Solution for over two years, I have increased my SEO budget by 200% with them. The reason behind this is their result-based services. I thoroughly appreciate their team work and they work strategically in a systematic way. Their professionalism is appreciable. For my websites, they have provided web contents that could fetch traffic, and thus, my websites gained more visibility and my business grew. I recommend this company to my colleagues and to all those, who are looking for quality SEO services.

  • Zebra Techies Solution is certainly a pleasure to work with and I have got satisfying results after working with this SEO company. We had two websites that were affected by Google’s Algorithm updates and in the process, we lost all our SERP rankings. Zebra Techies Solution played a pivotal role in helping us to get back our rankings and after six months of their service, our websites were among the top ten in the organic search results. This company delivers what it promises to offer.

  • It has been a pleasure working with the professionals of Zebra Techies Solution. They have provided me with excellent digital marketing services and helped me to increase the visibility of my website. The things I like the best about them are their prompt reply and pace of work. Previously, I have tried the services of 2-3 SEO companies with no such notable results. Zebra Techies Solution has offered me noteworthy results within three months of their services and I am looking forward to avail their services for many more years to come.

  • Zebra Techies Solution has helped our company to develop our website, and thereby, increased our competitiveness in domestic, as well as overseas market. Through their flawless organic search engine optimization efforts, it has been possible for our website to achieve top Google rankings. Previously, our search engine rankings had fallen significantly. But, after taking the services of Zebra Techies Solution, we are now holding higher rankings in almost all the keywords. We have got the true value of our money spent.

  • Really enjoyed working with them and plan to use them in future, solid work and good communication.

  • Ronit is providing excellent feedback to me in a timely manner and our keywords are improving.

  • The website of my business was apparently good but I am not receiving a good ranking on the top SERP results. It is at this point of time, when I took the services of Zebra Techies Solution. I am pleased to say that taking the services of this organization has helped me a lot in gaining a higher ranking on the top SERP results. I am really thankful to Zebra Techies Solution as my business become stronger due to their efforts and so I recommend this organization to everyone.


Mr. Anirban Das

Founder & CEO, Zebra Techies Solution


"For over 12 years we have been helping businesses succeed online with proven online marketing strategies and measurable results."

ZTS, Industry Acclaimed Digital Marketing Agency

At Zebra Techies Solution, we believe that our growth is directly tied to the success of our clients. We work tirelessly to help them grow their businesses through our 360° data-led digital marketing management services, because we know that when they succeed, we succeed.

You & Your Success Are Important To Us As Growth Partners

We've found that 76% of ad spend is wasted after auditing 10,000 accounts. With thousands of clients and employing top talent in the industry, we know what it takes to be successful. Our clients trust our affordable SEO company with $100+ million in annual pay-per-click ads spend.

1. Google Suite E-Commerce Optimization

There are key insights to be gained by optimizing Google's core technology suite across paid search, paid social, organic, with formulaic approach by customizing setups across Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Merchant Center and Search Console. We've been able to deliver consistent wins across multiple ecommerce stores, including on-page and off-page SEO.

2. Google Ads & Facebook Ads

We know what it takes to make your campaigns successful, with over 6,000 Google and Facebook advertising audits under our belt. Get a free digital marketing strategy and performance audit to identify what is and is not working in your campaigns today.

3. Site Experience Testing

We've perfected our model on how to identify, perfect, and discover the experiences your audience needs to convert, after A/B testing over million website visitors. During the first six months of working with us, our digital marketing experts typically improve conversion rates by over 50%.

4. Website & Conversion Rate Optimization

Get more revenue from the site traffic you already have by increasing your conversion rates. Our digital marketing consultants provide research services, landing page testing and CRO services for both ecommerce and lead generating businesses.

5. Creative Services

The right creative assets can make or break your campaign. If done right, they can increase engagement, conversions, and ROI. We’ve a fully staffed creative and digital marketing strategist team to create assets - or supplement work from your internal team - to help your campaigns be more successful.

A Simple Work Process for Growth

Invest in a high-performance website design for your business. In order for your business to be successful online, digital marketing strategists say that you’d have a good website. Here, you introduce the world to your brand and inspire visitors to take action. We do what you need to be successful online.

Understanding Project Requirements
Setting up a tailored plan
Starting the process
Delivering Results

How Our Digital Marketing Service Benefit Your Brand


We've been successful for over a decade, and we're laser-focused on continuing to grow your revenue with our digital marketing expertise and services. Understanding the why behind your goals will help us help you reach them. You must be visible when future customers search for your product or the problem you solve. The right balance between Search Ads, SEO, Local SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Building is necessary. To get your target market in front of your conversion-optimized website, we use advertising platforms, email marketing, and content.

You can hire our experts to design a new website, redesign your current website, add or enhance an ecommerce shopping cart, build or expand your content marketing, or manage your social media account. Let us strategize and execute your perfect plan at a price that may surprise you. We can help you build and optimize a search engine-friendly website, and promote it through paid media, organic SEO, local SEO, and social media marketing.



You can target prospects who are most likely to buy your products and services using digital marketing instead of traditional methods. In addition, it is more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Besides, our digital marketing specialists will measure success and adjust your marketing strategy as you go.

Measurable & Cost-Effective: Track and analyze your digital marketing campaigns with numerous tools. Our SEO audit specialists can help you allocate dollars in real-time. Your marketing strategy can also be adjusted instead of scrapped. The ROI is higher over time.

Targeting Unlimited Customers/Clients: Beta testing your product? How is your latest campaign doing? You can target the right clients with digital marketing management services. You can assess your success using retargeting, audience lists, surveys, reviews, backlinks, landing pages, and Google analytics.

Global Reach: Campaigns are time-consuming, expensive, and labor-intensive with traditional marketing. The reach of digital marketing is immense. Small local businesses can reach international audiences by leveraging global SEO digital marketing solutions. Traditional marketing would be impossible or very expensive. Businesses can grow online. Global visibility and reach are great opportunities for any business.

Local Reach: Besides global reach, our digital marketing specialists at our leading digital marketing company in India can also improve local visibility of a brand, which is important if your business relies on local customers. Bringing more customers to a business can be beneficial with local SEO. Instead of printing flyers and distributing them, you can use digital marketing to reach a whole neighborhood.

More Interaction with Your Customers: Email, instant messaging, website content, videos, images, social media posts, SMS, widgets, and banners can reach your customers. Using digital tools can build customer loyalty. In addition, you can reach different market segments. 

Enhancing Brand's Credibility: Brand credibility is established through digital marketing across a broader market. Besides blog posts and opinion columns, our digital marketing strategists can create guest posts, case studies, and content based on consumer engagement. You don't have to spend a lot of time, energy, or money to make a mark.


There are several different types of digital marketing strategies, depending on the platform being used, the search type, the media type, or the approach being taken. Digital marketing can be divided into the following types:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): When it comes to digital marketing, SEO is a ubiquitous point. The purpose of SEO is to increase traffic to your website using keywords to boost its search engine rankings. You are more likely to reach your target market if you are higher up in the search rankings. For a website to appear at the top of a Google search, SEO experts spend countless hours and endless resources developing SEO strategies.

Paid Search: In paid search, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) or Google Ads, you pay the search engine for the placement of ads on search engine results pages. Pay-per-click ads only cost you when your ad is clicked. Regardless of the size of your business, paid ads can help you outperform the competition.

Display Advertising: Display advertisements combine text, images, and a URL that directs customers to your website for more information. There are many different types of display advertising that our digital marketing strategists plan based on project goals, market competition and several other factors. There are several types of display ads, including text, images, animations, and videos. Advertisements can serve a variety of purposes, from promoting products to educating audiences.

Social Media Marketing: Our SMO & SEO experts understand the best way to reach your audience is to engage them on social media. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube can help you cultivate an organic digital culture. Social media marketing involves posting on your pages and paying for ads in newsfeeds. Your website can also benefit from social media marketing.

Content Marketing: In order to attract and retain target audiences, web designers and digital marketing marketing teams use content marketing to communicate a valuable, relevant, and consistent message. The main purpose of a call-to-action (CTA) is to encourage site visitors to buy your products or services. Writing content is essential to conveying your message.

Email Marketing: Email is a great tool for promoting your products and services and building customer loyalty among other digital marketing services. You can announce new products, discounts, and other services via email to your customers. In addition to educating your audience about your brand, it can keep them engaged even if they don't buy.

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Search Engine Optimization SEO

Connecting with your target audience requires search engine optimization (SEO). By using target keywords, strategically placed links, and high-quality, shareable content, an SEO-friendly website will improve your organic search engine rankings and help you appear earlier in the search results.

Digital Marketing SEO/SEM/PPC/Social

Google updates its algorithms once a day on average, so stay up-to-date. Has your brand messaging outreach been thoroughly analyzed on social media channels? To ensure you connect with your identified personas, what audience selection criteria should you use? Click fraud can be mitigated by using a paid ad strategy using PPC. Online marketing is a necessary tool, but it's complicated. For example on-page SEO. You probably have a lot on your plate as a business owner.

Local Search Engine Optimization

Local SEO isn't just something you implement when you have time. In today's search-driven world, it's essential. With proven local SEO services, we help local businesses grow their online visibility, rank higher, and reach their audience through our affordable SEO packages. You're missing out on an essential piece of the marketing puzzle if you haven't optimized your local online presence. We're here to help with digital marketing.

Ecommerce Site Optimization

Ecommerce digital marketing and optimization is not a one-size-fits-all process — we must carefully analyze your company and website in order to develop a customized plan that will enhance your site's performance, boost its search engine optimization, improve your conversion rate, and in general encourage people to purchase more of your products.

Online Reputation Management

Seeing too many five stars makes people wonder if you might be too good to be true, or if the reviews are fake. Negative reviews shouldn't be avoided or hidden. When you take the time to respond and manage complaints through our affordable SEO services, those reviews can actually boost your credibility. You'll be judged on how you deal with sticky situations. Great work can make a visitor buy.

Video Production Services

Videos connect people to your brand like nothing else, whether you're promoting a product, showcasing testimonials, or telling your company's story. We are here to help you tap into this valuable tool, bringing your business to life with professional, beautifully shot video that will help you reach your target audience easily.

Social Media Marketing

Digital age advertising is increasingly reliant on social media. Your branding and customer engagement can be taken to a whole new level by utilizing SEO SEM Services and the popular platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. With the help of our creative experts and cutting-edge technology, we can design the perfect social media strategy for your business.

Strategy & Consulting

A misdiagnosis of your business's website design, or marketing potential can be just as dangerous as a self-diagnosis. In order to achieve your business goals, we are a team of problem solvers providing free website audit and SEO audit services. However, we prefer to make sure that everything we deliver fits within your big picture and helps you achieve your goals.

Case Study

Our company has over 12 years of experience delivering results across a wide range of industries. Whether small local businesses or large corporations, we have extensive experience achieving success online for them. We present case studies of some of our successful digital marketing campaigns that include SEO, SMM, PPC/Google Ads, Content Marketing, etc.

  • -- Case Study 1

    How We Brought Back 3x Organic Traffic To Cleanpools After Its Recovery From Google Manual Penalty

    Clean Pools, based out of Melbourne and spans across the greater metropolitan area specializing in leak detection, regular or casual pool maintenance, green pool restoration, and pool equipment sales and installation, offers expert services and technology solutions.

    The business website of Clean Pools had online optimization services performed even before we were hired to market for this website.

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  • -- Case Study 2

    Google Ads Spent Returned 7.4% ROAS!

    As part of our services to this client, we were striving to boost revenue growth, manage ROAS (Return on Ad Spend), and ensure that with a shift from high street to the internet, LITTLE THINKER Educational Aids could thrive as a business and remain market leaders.

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Our Clients' Top Questions about Digital Marketing & SEO

How do you initiate your digital marketing processes?

First, we research our clients' pain points and assess the competitive landscape to devise a growth plan. Next, we strategy to overcome any potential obstacles and achieve our clients' revenue goals. Quick, efficient implementation is the key to success. Tracking our performance against key performance indicators and adjusting our plan of action as needed is the final step.

Can you tell me if you have necessary expertise in my business area?

We've been serving clients in a wide variety of industries for more than a decade. We're one of the best full-service top digital marketing companies in India that provides services to manufacturers, medical providers, real estate agents, senior living facilities, local businesses, legal professionals, and more. Delivering real, tangible results is what we do. We never take on a project or client in an industry sector unless we can prove we can help them.

Do you offer a guarantee for your digital marketing services?

One of the most important decisions you'll make is choosing the right web development and marketing partner. You should work with an agency that is transparent and stands by its work. It's what sets us apart. We are among the only companies that guarantee the quality of our work.

Can SEO increase my sales or leads?

By optimizing a website, it will be able to appear more prominently in the search engine results pages (SERPs). As a result of that increased visibility, more potential customers will be able to learn more about your products or services. In terms of customer satisfaction and return on investment, very few marketing services can compare SEO.

Why should I hire you instead of your competitor digital marketing agencies?

Each individual on our team is an expert in their own field, from search engine optimization to web design, business strategy to social media marketing, lead conversion to digital advertising. Additionally, you won't have to outsource your website development or marketing. Since we do all our work in-house, we can provide cost-effective, and more importantly, convergent revenue growth strategies. We stand by our work.

What are the costs of your SEO services?

SEO campaigns vary in cost depending on keyword targeting, your website's history, the industry, and the amount of work you need to accomplish your goals. Our affordable solutions deliver real results for businesses of all sizes. In order to develop a winning strategy for you, our digital marketing consultants will assess your needs. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation and SEO cost.

What will be the approximate time to see sales growth?

Your web design and development project will typically produce results in a short period of time. The digital marketing campaign is a long-term game. Search Engine Optimization Services typically show tangible results after 90 days. A month onwards post-start of the ads campaign, you can start seeing results from PPC campaigns. Do not disregard Search Engine Optimization or content due to the longer ramp-up period, because every modality has its place in your overall marketing strategy. During your consultation, we will explain why this is necessary.

How do you conduct keyword research?

To analyze keywords across all industries, we use a variety of tools. We analyze each search phrase in terms of its search volume, relevance to the client's business, likelihood of converting to sales, as well as competitiveness. Every keyword we select is chosen based on its potential to contribute to a successful digital marketing campaign.

Your Goal Is Our Desire To Succeed