13 Resourceful SEO Blogs for 2015

SEO is always facing dynamic concepts and tricks. The regular updates of the search engines like Google, has forced the professionals for being in touch with the latest news. This is the only way to sustain in the top rankings, but how it is possible? There are many SEO blogs engaged in publishing such news for the professional and website owners.

For the SEO blogs, it is not important to cover all the latest updates, but to be more effective such blogs should analyze the effects and response of the industry along with a new update. Here, I have mentioned the top 13 SEO blogs for resourceful information in 2015.

1. Search engine land

The specialty of this blog is that it has variety of articles on a single topic written by different authors. This means if you have many questions regarding a single topic, you will find the solution on this unique address. The names of the regular authors are quite same, but they are engaged in answering varied queries related to different articles.

2. The Moz

Moz will be the best choice for the beginners. The specialty of Moz is that the articles are analyzed in detail. Moz is reigning since 2004 and it has special stress over small businesses. Here, all the SEO news may not be available, but popular topics are vivid.

3. Google’s official blog

The king’s court is always the first preference and in the same way Google’s official blog is always active and updated. Undoubtedly, this is the resource of all kind of news, but for additional information and analysis you have to haunt for other blogs.

4. Search engine watch

In the world of SEO, this blog has already built a better reputation. Like search engine land, this blog also publishes latest news initially, but the difference is that you will get additional information and some analytic view. According to my consideration, this one is better to understand the industry’s response.

5. Search engine journal

This blog is famous for varied writers as it appreciates guest blogging. So, it is very simple to find varied articles with varied view. The specialty of the blogs is inclusion of various comments, funny videos, comic presentations and many more. Moreover, this is an interesting point of study where you get latest news as well as carried analysis.

6. Kiss Metrics

Kiss Metrics is the compact guide for the online world as the blog is not only blocked by SEO, but there are varied topics related to your efforts and strategies. If you need complete assistance regarding all of these including SEO, this blog is perfect choice.

7. Quick Sprout

Quick Sprout is quite same like Kiss Metrics. This blog includes articles beyond of SEO. Undoubtedly a blog gains popularity on the basis of latest articles. Quick Sprout is following the same trend. In 2015 it will be one of the leading blogs.

8. SEO Book

SEO Book is famous for online SEO related training works. This blog includes so many references like descriptions of tools, videos, forum conversation and many more. This blog includes analysis of almost all the aspects related to SEO and web designing. So, to maintain trend, you must follow this exiting looking blog.

9. Copyblogger

Copy Blogger has the history to start content marketing tactics and nowadays Copyblogger media is a software and training organization. So, it is very easy to understand the diverse ranges of articles by varied authors. In 2015, it has already published some valuable articles and has acquired one of the top rankings.

10. Search engine Roundtable

The key motto of search engine roundtable is to publish and analysis the topics held in search engine marketing forum. Besides that, it also covers articles regarding search engines like Google or Bing, SEO, web directories, shopping search, search pulse and many more. The collection of varied authors with varied articles has made this blog more resourceful as well as popular for 2015.

11. Occam’s Razor

Occam’s razor has been launched not much earlier and at the initial stage this blog generally stressed upon Web Analytics. Later it has started to cover rest of the fields. In 2015, it has already gathered appreciations and has placed among the leading blogs.

12. SEO by the Sea

This blog is solely dependent upon providing ethical professional and proactive ideas to help websites. There are varied topics with vivid analysis and in case of internet marketing this blog will be a resourceful archive.

13. HubSpot

The specialty of this blog is the tone of writing and that is quite conversational. So, it will be a better archive for the beginners to understand everything quite easily. HubSpot also covers diverse topics beyond of SEO and in 2015 it has already experienced the up-rising.

So, these are all about the top SEO blogs of 2015. What do you think about them? Are they all efficient to stand by in 2015? Do not forget to place your valuable opinions to make this article more resourceful.

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