3 Significant Reasons Why the Number of Indexed Pages are Going Down

Getting your webpages indexed by Google (or any other major search engine) is extremely important. Pages that are not indexed by Google cannot rank. When your webpage does not get indexed it may directly mean that Google may not like your page or may not be able to easily crawl it. So, if your indexed page count begins to decrease, this could mean the following:

  • Google thinks your website pages are irrelevant
  • Your website pages are slapped with a penalty
  • Google cannot crawl your pages

Here are the 3 significant reasons why your WebPages may get indexed:

Slow Page Loading Time

Page loading is an essential factor in the indexing of a page. If the service experiences frequent downtime, then it has the least chances of getting indexed.

You should make sure that the page loading time is 200 HTTP header status. Having a fast page loading speed means greater chances of the webpage to get indexed by Google.

Slow Page Load Time

  Duplicate Content Issue

Having a duplicate content issue often leads to decreased indexing of the webpage. This mostly happens as fixing duplicate content issue often involves implementing canonical tags, 301 redirects, no index meta tags, robots.txt, etc., which results in decreased indexed URLs.

Duplicate Content Issue Change in the URL Structure

Sometimes a change in the CMS or backend programming or server setting often results in a change in domain, subdomain, or folder that may consequently change the URLs of a site. This often results in decreased indexing of the webpage. Search engines may remember the old URLs because of which they don’t redirect properly. This leads to de-indexed webpages.

Change Url Structure

Thus, the mentioned above three reasons provide a comprehensive glimpse about the major factors that leads to decreased webpage indexing.

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