5 Mobile Chat Apps to Send Messages Anonymously


How if you have a chat app allowing you to send messages in cognito? It would benefit you in two ways, importantly. Firstly, your identity gets not disclosed to everybody you don’t want it to be. Your messages would get off the chest under anonymity. Secondly, recipients would rather focus on messages than dealing with their senders, with resulting in getting your business done.

Here are 5 chat apps that can help you talk to people under anonymity without losing spirit of usability of such kind of apps.

Psst: This Android chat app, Psst is a chat platform storing none of your chats nor chat IDs. Share political views, secrets, deal with grief and other less happy life experiences and many more. You can also share clichéd jokes with other users! Do you know the best thing of this app? It allows your posts stay active for just 48 hours only and private chats stay for half a minute! After that, they are gone forever.


Whisper: Are you fan of sharing memes very often with your friends? Here is then an app offering all fun ways to share anything on your mind via memes. What more is interesting about this chat app is you can get topics of your interest. Share thoughts, feelings, reaction, and responses with your friends. Forget not to share/post them with a background photo. This supports iOS and Android platforms both. So, if you want to have more private talks, this is just for you!


Anomo: Like to meet people of your choice showing interests in common? This app will then help you. Supports both Android and iOS, use of this chat app is simple and fun. Start chatting via icebreaker games with 4 other users and then go on chatting with matches provided. Make new friends and feel comfortable in your friend circle on this app as you get geared on chatting spree.


Popcorn: Though this iOS chat app is active within a radius of a mile, it enables users to chat between people privately. This is good for those looking to build a local community or in-campus group or a group in a city to relieve boredom while at office. Find this app in multiple languages, such as English, French, Dutch, German, Spanish and Japanese.


Kindly: This iOS chat app allows its users to build compassionate community of helpful listeners who will listen to you speaking out your problem or asking questions you are uncomfortable asking people around you. Plus, its users can also chat openly in a threaded conversation feed or go one-on-one if the situation requires it.


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