6 Tools Letting You Know What Google Knows Of You! - Part 2

In our earlier post, we discussed what Google knows of you and how you’d come to know what it knows of you. Simple is the way to discover what of you is in the know of Google. If you’ve accessed the URLs of those 4 tools and enjoyed the results, you may also try out these 6 tools that will lead you tracking your data, revealing interesting details about the usage of Google’s many services.

Here are being compiled those important Google services which you will also find to be interesting. 1. YouTube Watch History&YouTube Search History

Get all details of YouTube watch history by accessing YouTube Watch History. Google can bring them up only provided you’ve ever watched videos on YouTube while being logged into your Google account. You can view, store and also delete all your YouTube searches partially or entirely. You can even pause the history. Google stores them to show you later at appropriate times relevant ads and better video suggestions.

2. Voice & Audio Activity

Get to see here all voice and audio inputs sent to Google by you during your searches. Voice & Audio Activity stores all the audio searches you’ve even spoken into the search boxes of Google Search or the voice commands and search queries you’ve given to Google Now.

Here you can take complete control of the data, delete the items and/or update the settings if needed. 3. Ads Settings

Want to know about your ads activities? Ads Settings allows it by displaying your ad profile as created by Google on the basis of what it knows of you from your Google Plus profile, web & app activity, ads clicked by you, etc. As per your likes and clicks on ads, Google later comes up with the most relevant advertisements that you’re more likely to click or follow. This is better known as “Remarketing and Retargeting.”

This also allows you to opt out of the interest-based ads on Google, YouTube and Google ads across the web.   4. Location History

Location History displays all the places which your Android device may have reported back to Google servers. Google Search, Now and Ads use them to come up to you with useful information based on where you’ve been or where you’re. Switch on or off this feature as you wish. You can also check all your locations and delete certain locations or the entire history from this interface.

5. Account Activity

Account Activity brings out a stack of all sign-in activities regarding your Google account. This also allows you to view all the devices which have been active in the last 28 days or are presently logged into your account. Users can remove account access for Android devices but not revoke access for browser sessions. This doesn’t mean security is compromised. Users can always secure their Google account upon getting to see anything suspicious.

6. Apps Permissions

What does Apps Permissions do? This shows a compilation of all the things having part or full access to your Google account. Plus, full list of connected and permitted Android devices, mobile apps and games, web apps and websites, browser extensions and Google Scripts are viewable. Users are free to revoke access to any of the listed item provided they wish to not that item to access their account.

Sure that all these 10 Google services are useful for your purposes and worth saving. Let us know similar inputs which we might have missed to discuss here.


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