6Top Tools to Create Polls, Quizzes and Surveys: Contemporary Online Marketing Requirements


With bringing heart-shaped Like button in place of Favorites, what did twitter want us to drive home? Current trend regarding relevance and impact of liking and disliking on social media is creating a worldwide discourse template, most likely that might have been a push to bring it, because online users are now more prone to love a piece of things than showing their favor with a simple click.

Whatever the reason is, it is evident that twitter goes with changes and not against them at all. This time around, change is certainly palpable, be it about ways of making client communication, getting their feedbacks, or introducing an offer. In all these instances, presentational evolution always looks to technological upgrades. What are they all about doing with your business? Which new ways are making inroads?

Now is in place quizzing, polling and surveying outdoing flat feedback feature. Quizzes, tests, and polls, for instance, are making ways strongly into marketing domain and they are some of the best way to gauge a grasp of a subject, acceptability of a business offer to the market, and so forth. Polls and surveys are great feedback tools, which are helpful for intelligence gathering and for marketing purposes. If you’re a marketing professional looking to quickly generate a nice-looking survey or poll, they’ll be great help for you.

Here are a few survey, quiz, and poll tools, which you can use for your purpose.

SoGoSurvey: It provides marketing solutions to attract customers. Users can get a variety of tools here and they are especially helpful for surveys, e-mail invitations, reminders, and alerts.

Polldaddy: This tool enables its users to create surveys, polls, quizzes, and ratings. Its users can control media and theming options, embed forms to collect info from users and export the data to various formats.


GoConqr: It enables users to create and take quizzes. Users can give quizzes, share and embed them, track scores and compare it with the average score of others. They can also learn many about things about doing poll and ways of pulling out the best results from a poll.

Kahoot: It provides discussion and survey tools, besides providing option to create quizzes. However, target audience may not always be drawn to a survey requiring PIN, but the peace of mind on audience part is that their opinions will strictly be private. Users can use it to create learning games and introducing new topics to masses. Unlike other tools, Kahoot is free.

Survio: Want to survey scenes of a business offer on mobile platform? This would be the right option to grab results from the quiz-takers online. Its users can create various types of quizzes with over 70+ excellent designs and using 100 ready-to-use templates.

Online Quiz Creator: You can create quizzes in various formats, namely multiple choice, text or image questions, multiple right answers, etc. Quiz can be operational via multiple channels and devices upon creating with this tool. Offer of using this tool on free plan is also available.

Marketing characteristic is dynamic and adaptation with current trend is a must-do. Else, your business will perish or go to the backfoot. If capable to do marketing uniquely ahead of the rest, you’ll come out as the champion. And, this is what only smart marketing experts can perform, because science says smarts are most often innovative. How much smart is your marketing program? Is it handled by smarts? If yes, what better ‘smart methods’ are they implementing? Compare yours with our innovative marketing ideas, and gauge how much miles yours is ahead of the rest.

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