7 Steps to Maximize App Optimization


Will you believe the term ‘app’ used to come up between technocrats only during their casual conversations? It seems now unbelievable seeing the countless number of apps and their users worldwide! A compelling effect is palpably noticeable across our societies and indeed vital component of personal and social fabric of millions of people’s lives have gotten a conspicuous change.

A leading magazine report estimated that average person now in the US alone spends 162 minutes every day on their smartphones and there they must be using apps. Nielsen estimated average time spent on apps every month by a person is 30 hours per month.

This is excellent news for marketers, because app platform provides several native advantages which can be harnessed to enhance customer engagement and ultimately drive return on investment. Given that leverage, you can’t expect you drive home lots and lots of ROI simply by copying and pasting popular traditional digital marketing strategy. App optimization platform has its own opportune strategies.

App Optimization

In the words of Ankit Jain, Head of Search at Google Play, “For the average app, search actually makes up the vast majority of installs.”

None can say with conviction which factors app stores consider as pivotal to ranks apps, here are a few which may come up as major influence on the app store rankings.

App Reviews and Ratings Downloads Long Installs Uninstalls Social Signals

App Reviews and Ratings – Number and quality of reviews and comments are very vital indicators. It is necessary to listen to your users and improve the app using the feedback.

Downloads – Number of downloads gives a very evident indication of apps popularity. So, increase in the number of downloads must help your app rise the app store index.

Long Installs – When users are keeping your app for a long-time since installation of your app, it tends to indicate quality of your app is good.

Uninstalls – If you see your users are uninstalling your app soon after downloading or if there is an increase in uninstalls after a recent update, it will adversely impact rankings.

Social Signals – Likes, shares, etc. are indicator of your app being loved by users. App Stores also consider social significance your app has. Google regularly uses plus ones to recommend apps to users.

App Optimization for App Store Search:

App Store Searches are the most popular way of discovering and installing new apps. While creating your app detail page, you should take care of the following points.

App Title: Write app title carefully. Users search for apps like of yours directly. So, be direct and terse.

App Description: App description should say straight the very point of your app in the first few lines. Copy should clearly describe what your app does.

App Screenshots: App store users have millions of apps to download from. So, it is very difficult to get discovered. It is also very likely there could be tens or hundreds of apps providing similar functionality that of yours! So, it is important to have a clear and evident screenshot and icon for your app/s. Ensure to have screenshots of your app to show what kind of experience your users are going to have once they install your app and how your app would resemble.

App Videos: Video previews give you a chance to take your app detail page to the next level. What you need to ensure is you highlight distinct features of your app. Reviews and Ratings: Reviews and ratings and search rankings have clear and strong correlation. The better the app rank, the higher the chances of app rank on app store.

Social Signals: App popularity on Google Plus is a sure fire indicator to rank an app. Google usually actively recommends those apps which have higher +1 popularity.

Localize your App: App Stores provides developers with a worldwide audience. By localizing your app, you will unlock new markets for you and help in user acquisition. Since localization is simple and straightforward, you need to start designing of your app from the ground up. It will support localization.

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