Automated Testing Frameworks for PHP: Redefining PHP Development Service


Don’t you often require spending long hours debugging your PHP code? For PHP programmers, this is unamusing job, dragging them to do it most un-fascinatingly. Are they aware that they can almost automate it, significantly improving the workflow of PHP development and drive the development process faster?

The solution is automated testing framework, allowing the starter PHP developers go ahead with PHP coding confidently. Unlike testing new features and functions in the browser window one by one with all probability of often leading into clueless domain, herewith using automated testing frameworks for PHP would help them out accomplishing PHP development workflow smoothly.Plus, it will also spare precious debugging time and hours of headache.

The result? Reviews regarding production will be all in favor and nice.

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So, what is this automated testing? With writing PHP code manually, it’s required to test if they’re giving right outputs. If you go to do it manually, it becomes time-consuming, tedious and repetitive. When replaced by automated testing process wherein involves specific software that will do the tiresome work for programmers, the testing process becomes then automated while validating the logic of testing code.

PHP is widely a popular programming language, so there are several automated testing frameworks to choose from, dividing them into Test-Driven Development (TDD) vs. Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) on the basis of testing approaches. For both of them, the development workflow is driven by testing, which means tests are written before the application code. Where they differ is in the syntax of the testing code. Test-driven uses proper PHP code in the testing files while Behavior-driven uses human-readable sentences that relate the behavior of every feature and that even non-technical stakeholders can understand.

Here are a few popular and powerful PHP automated testing frameworks which a professional PHP development company can use.

  • PHP Unit
  • Codeception
  • PHPSpec
  • Behat
  • SimpleTest
  • Peridot

All of them work wondrously. For instance PHPUnit, which is a well-known PHP testing framework for writing Unit Tests for PHP apps. The tests take little portions of code called units and test them one by one. Conduct test-driven development with the help of PHPUnit. Much to the convenience of the developers is they can use it via the command line, resulting with handy TestCase class which they can extend as per their needs. Plus, use of pre-written assertion method is also available for them.

Like the rest of PHP automated testing frameworks, SimpleTest is also an easy-to-use framework in the Test-driven Development genre. It is a right alternative for PHPUnit. SSL, forms, proxies, frames and basic authentication support is available with this framework, allowing developers to test common PHP tasks faster.

For more details, talk to professional PHP development consultants at your convenient time and know from them how you can get a PHP development service in a faster turnaround time.


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