Beginners User Guide for “All in One SEO”

All in one SEO pack is basically a word press plug-in which usually optimizes word press blog for search engines. Out of the many word press plug-ins it has proved more efficiency to frame s site fruitful for search engines. At present the number of downloads has increased above 15 millions, but only downloading and installing the plug-ins do not means that you get efficient result. There are some steps .i.e. recommendations which are to be followed. Here are some ideas that will help you operate the same in an easier way. i. Installing of “all in one SEO pack” To optimize your website for the search engines like Google, first you have to install and activate the plug-in. Then you will find “all in one SEO” menu item in the Wordpress admin sidebar.

ii. Set up of “all in one SEO” For advanced set up go to: - All in One SEO » General Settings Now the first step is to enable canonical URL for all pages. This will help prevent you to be penalized by Google for content duplicity. Generally in Wordpress installation a single post is displayed on many pages like home page, author page, archives etc. Here is the instruction below that will lead you better.

iii. Keyword setting On the general settings page there is keyword setting menu item where you can set your Meta keyword for new content and pages. If you have several pages you need several keywords. In this case “all in one SEO” will show you different keywords for different posts and different pages, but the better one is to set the keywords manually for each pages.

iv. Homepage setting You have to select a title under homepage setting section. Try to make title attractive and it will be different from wordpress site title. If do not provide a title then the default title will be chosen by “all in one SEO’. The title must contain your website’s Meta keywords.

v. Google setting You may include your Google+ profile URL in the Google setting menu. After the inclusion just go to your profile and add your site in the contributor section. In this way you will be able to forecast your profile along with image and service status on the search results. Make sure your profile details and image are properly uploaded. “All in one SEO” will also add the Google Analytics code to your site. vi. Title Setting Here you can set titles for different pages. Each page generated by Wordpress has a title set along with wordpress theme. It is strongly recommended to you keep the rewrite titles option disabled to avoid theme related titles as theme are not a part of SEO. vii. Webmaster verification If you want to be a verified user you must enroll the Webmaster verification code in this section. This is for if there is anything wrong or dispute with your website; the search engines can notify you. Here is a recommendation to register with the webmaster tools provided by Google and Bing. These webmaster tools will also help you to make better strategies by providing the current status of your website.

viii. Optimization of post and pages This section seems to be very confusing to most of the users. In this section you can optimize post and pages, like optimization of keywords, forming of SEO title, updating of descriptions etc. If you leave this fields blank, “all in one SEO’’ will use the global settings to fill the blanks. So, it will be better to fill up the details manually. ix. Noindex Nofollow or Noindex options are basically used to get a specific post or page not to be indexed by the search engine. If you have any doubt about a page or content regarding duplicity, you may set up the same in this section. I recommend you to mark the use “noindex for archives” option, so that the records of your site and previous posts will be available to the users.

So, these are all about “All in one SEO”. Try to customize the settings after realizing the effects and outcome. Use these steps and leave your responses how you have optimized the same.

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