You Can Also Be a Celebrity Now!



Dreaming for long to be a celebrity? It’s time now to make it happen! It’s no joke. Twitter has brought this opportunity for you!

For it, you’ve to be an active twitter user. Are you?

If yes, go ahead and get your account verified like those of celebrities, big-names and big-brands! Show off that much-coveted blue tick badge twitter-blue-badge appearing next to your account name and become a distinguished!


Sounds unbelievable? If you aren’t believing it, let’s dig the fact right here. 

Twitter announced to consider approval of its active users’ request for its blue tick badge twitter-blue-badgeappearing next to their account names. This approval will be based on their understanding and internal independent verification method, which will explore and verify if the account is authentic and of public interest.

Who are Eligible to Request for this ‘verified account’?

The answer is those whose accounts are of public interest and genuine. This microblogging site now has decided to approve account types maintained by users in music, fashion, acting, politics, religion, government, journalism, media, sports, business, and several other key areas of public interest.

Oh! Don’t you belong to any of these work areas? No worries!Even if name of your work area is missing here, there’s no reason to dishearten in a flash! You could otherwise belong to ‘several other key areas of public interest.’ So, you’ve still a hope and aspire to become a celebrity by owning this blue tick badge twitter-blue-badge appearing next to your name.

Just make sure your account is authentic and why it could be of public interest. Then, go ahead and forward your request for that much-coveted blue tick badge  twitter-blue-badge.

How to Get Your Twitter Account Verified?

As said already, authenticity of your account and its public interest are two of the essential benchmarks to be eligible for getting your account verified.

5% of monthly active users on Twitter are FAKE!


Twitter will summarily reject applications if it finds them from its FAKE users. So, be true and honest to your declaration.

To be able to forward your request, you’ve to fill out a form declaring why you want your twitter account get verified. Along with that form, you’ve to upload:

  • A verified, government-issued copy of photo identity card (e.g. passport or driving license)
  • Verified phone number
  • A website address other than twitter, mentioning your name there
  • A bio
  • A profile photo
  • A header photo
  • Birthday (other than company or organization or brand)
  • Set your Tweets as public in tweet privacy settings

Twitter will check back authenticity and veracity of your documents and claims through their own inherent channels, read your application, and then consider whether to approve or not your request. They will let you know their decision in a few days.

Congratulations! Your account is approved and now verified.


Even if it fails and is rejected first time, Twitter is giving you another chance of re-application after 30-days!

Twitter fans are seeing this gesture as myth-busting, because so far the story making rounds about‘blue tick badge’ proves untrue. You don’t have to be an ‘already famous person or a brand’ to get your twitter account verified. So long so far big-names and big-brands had been the only claimants for this blue tick badge.


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