Checklist for Your Site’s SEO


There is always a fluctuation of traffic and the rank on SERP is not static. Sometimes there are gaps while evaluating such web site’s status. So, here, I have discussed the factors that will help you understand about the current status of your site.

  • Organic Search: - Google analytics has the power to explore traffic interactions on your website. There are mainly two possible ways and among the both the first one is used by the most. By clicking on “organic search” you will get the glance.

Now you will see the complete stat by representing a graph. If you want to see the traffic specifically from the search engines and other channels, you better proceed by clicking on   “plot rows” button at the top. This will give another graph and it will help you separate traffic from different channels.


The above line will indicate the total traffic and the below graph is the estimate from search engine. In this concern you may forget about the traffic gained apart from search engine. This traffic has come from social media or newsletters etc.

Sometimes traffic loss may occur from these outer sources. So, check carefully the villain of the traffic loss before blaming SEO.

  • Reducing Traffic: - Sometimes, website owners have a boast that they have lost traffic. After a better analysis it may be found absurd. So, what is it? This may be the problem of checklist and SEO is blamed all the time. You better know that there is no other tool as effective to make such research rather than Google analytics.

There are many options available in the tool, so you better know the right place to evaluate the amount of traffic.

The necessary clicks are as followed Acquisition> Channel traffic> Channels Section

Now, you will see the overall traffic in your site gained from different channels like Google, Bing or Yahoo. So, this traffic has come from organic search and the traffic that has come from Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can be defined as “Social channels”. This analytics will give you the complete glance of traffic and if you have loosen; there are many ways to overcome.

  • Ranking Lost: - It is quite impossible to check whether you rank has dropped or not. Google has its personal algorithm and it shows different place of your website for different search queries. Now, if you are thinking to use Google to check your ranking there is no further way and you cannot get the result of overall ranking.
  • Page rank: - If you are blaming SEO on the basis of page rank it is all about bull shits. Earlier 2009, Google has already deprecated the measure and make the announcement to use Google analytics for concrete status of a website. Besides that there is no connection between page rank and SERP ranking.
  • Google Webmaster Tools: - Google webmaster tools or GWT is the most effective one to specify your sites expression. There are many metrics and you should go through well while operating. In GWT search queries will show you the detail impressions and the amount of traffic achieved from those.

From the index status, you will get the pages those are well indexed with the search engine. The pages those are indexed mean the search engine has the information about those pages. If the line is declining, it means you have to look for the pages those are not indexed. In this concern you may disallow some pages from indexation.

  • Track the Right Situation: - While checking the traffic graph in Google analytics make sure that you have complete knowledge about time graph. If your business or traffic is seasonal then you have to examine the checklist for a month. So, be aware about the time period to get the accurate information and nothing else.

Conclusion: - So, these are all about the checklists for SEO. Have you tried them already? Do not forget to leave your valuable comments to make this article more resourceful.


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