Choosing Ecommerce Platform: How could be Magento a Solid Option?


Managing to secure a catbird seat amongst stores online could be a challenge. No less challenging would be the task of making right choice of an ecommerce CMS. Till the advent of Magento, it has really been so.

What this ecommerce technology solution can offer you can unlikely be visible on any other solutions, which is why Magento platform has been chosen by Samsung, Nike, Warby Parker, Harvey Nicholas, Olympus and of course, eBay (which owns Magento now). Look across the usage rates of this ecommerce platform, you will be convinced that over a quarter of all ecommerce sites runs on this platform. Do you also want to run your site on this ecommerce platform?

What more advantageous features are there in Magento that would make you more convinced? There are more than enough convincing reasons that would drive home the fact that Magento has really much more superior ground for selection despite the fact of veritable explosion of ecommerce technology solutions.

First of all, Magento is a free and open source technology. Even though open source edition falls short of providing all ecommerce features of its Enterprise edition, Magento open source is no less competent. Magento Community edition has been much popular and can also boast of offering all ecommerce features that can even reach out to an extraordinary extent of requirements. Users can tweak the source code to suit the type of website they are building and install extensions that are easily available on Magento Connect Marketplace, which is the largest ecommerce apps marketplace also.

Regarding security of ecommerce transactions, this platform keeps awake all the time, upgrades when necessary, and plugs making it extremely safe from an ecommerce viewpoint. However, those who look for even much higher security may opt for Enterprise edition that offers a Secure Payment Bridge tagged along with the PCI Data Security Standard.

Can you name another open source ecommerce technology that offers free and easy troubleshooting solution? Maybe, none but Magento offers it. Magento has its community and forum to help you in this regard!

Journey of Magento started like that of WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal (as far as their intension is concerned). Just like these content management systems (CMS) that offer choice of ecommerce plugins, Magento did also roll out its journey in this way with offering user dashboards, CMS option, custom segmentation, inventory management, advanced shipping and supplier management, built-in cross-sell and upsell capabilities, and much more.

Users get full freedom to choose hosting service from Magento that allows them convenience of making choice of hosted platform. If you are new and planning to do so, be sure that Magento Community Edition would be offering you the same benefits that come with Magento Go!

Apart from them, SEO friendly features, faster load-time of the pages, easy compatibility and integration with third-party apps, and convenient customizability come along with Magento platform. What you may require is to hire an expert Magento development service professional who can live up to your store customization expectations.


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