Discover the Diverse Algorithm Factors and Changes for Facebook News Feed

There are several factors responsible how the news or post of your page will reach to a wider range of people and social media. I have made first some instances of Facebook updates that will make the scenario clearer before entering into the detailed discussion. Here are the updates.
  • Update on November 6th, 2014:- If a page contains multiple posts on a particular day, the user has to click on link to see more. This seems to be a bunch of bundles in the news feed of a particular page.
You may have many fans and followers and they have liked your pages and profile. How it will react to you if the new updates and posts will be liked by less than 15% of your followers. You will get the solution in the discussion.
  • Update on November 7th, 2014:- After this update the Facebook users can choose the categories of the news feed. The particular point of your interest and you can filter those groups, pages or people.
  • Update on November 14th, 2014:- Since January 2015, Facebook will monitor the presence of promotional posts. Such promotional posts will be reduced by Facebook as early as possible. The target is the posts those are insisting people to buy a product or posts those are appreciating ads.
  • Update on January 12th, 2015:- Facebook has given some new status and stats regarding the scenario of using videos.
  1. More than 50% people who come once on Facebook daily in US, at least check one video.
  2. Around 76% of the total users in US are eager to discover and tend new Facebook videos.
  3. Last year the percentage of the people who uses video post on a daily basis has reached to 75 and on US the increase is around 94%.
  4. Since last year Facebook has experienced more than 1 billion average video views on a daily basis.
  • Update on January 20th, 2015:- Another step has been taken by Facebook to reduce hoaxes in news feed.
Facebook has updated the algorithm to reduce or delete such posts that are false or misleading the users.
  • Update on March 5th, 2015:- Page owners may experience a decline in the overall likes as Facebook is going to check the likes made on deactivated or memorialized accounts
The Overview of Facebook News Feed Factors There are several factors those are determined by Facebook to show a post or blog in the news feed. You may read the following issues those are liked and disliked by the algorithm.
  • The Algorithm Favors:- Here are the issues those are liked by the Facebook algorithm:-
  1. Posts with lots of likes and comments.
  2. Posts according to a trendy matter or subject.
  3. Mostly preferred post types those are liked by the users.
  4. Posts those receive a high share in a quick time.
  5. Posts that tag other pages within tag.
  6. Most interacted types of posts.
  7. Link posts.
  8. Links that have not been shared or posted earlier.
  9. Images and videos that have not appeared earlier in the open graph,
  10. Posts that are liked by one and his/her friend also.
  • The Algorithm does not Favor:- The factors those are disliked by the algorithm:-
  1. Posts that include spam.
  2. Click or like baiting.
  3. Only status updates of the pages.
  4. Promotional posts or content from pages.
  5. Bundled news in a page.
  6. Posts with negative feedbacks.
  7. Post that contains insisting words like “share” or “Like”
Determining Factors to Manage the News Feed
  • The total number of likes and comments always has a better impact over visibility. The matter of the fact also carries the visibility factor. Mainly your activities on Facebook decide what you will see on the news feed.
  • A post that has a trendy topic may get a better visibility. A trendy topic means a most discussed topic on social. If your friend has post anything regarding this you will see the same quite sooner.
  • Click-bait always has a bad impact and these types of posts are rarely seen on news feed. If a user finds news and directly return back to Facebook, the result will be the less visibility.
  • Tagging of other pages within a post may increase visibility.
  • Posts having spammy links are shown less.
  • Like-baiting posts are shown less.
  • Posts those are liked and commented more will get more visibility.
  • Posts having references or related articles will get a better visibility.
  • Text only status update from pages are not appreciated much.
Some Characteristics of Pages that Increase Visibility
  • A complete profile page
  • Frequent report of low quality content from a particular page may harm visibility.
  • Comparison of high quality fan pages with the respective page.
Some Recommendations for the Articles
  • Build reliability and creditability with your audience.
  • Make timely and relevant post.
  • What the people’s opinion is about the post.
  • Think about your audience’s desire what they want to see in the news feed.
 Some more Factors that Increase Visibility
  • The frequent interactions with your friends and followers.
  • The number of posts likes or comments a post receives.
  • The relation and relevancy of the post with the earlier posts.
 Some Content Signals Factors Measuring Visibility
  • Unusual engagement patterns.
  • Baiting signals regarding the words like “share”, “Like” or “Comments”.
  • Negative feedback or meme content.
  • Visual analysis of a post having images or videos.
  • These measures are taken by Facebook to determine the quality of a news feed post. Moreover, all the above factors are key reason for a lower visibility.  There are two more factors that determine the quality of a news feed. Those are
  • Is the image/video graph existed in the graph before?
  • Is the link posted before?
  • It is not the imagination only that there may survive the older posts, but it is the fact. The fact has been proved practically. The theory has come to the light that affinity or resemblance has the power to control the visibility. If you are engage on sharing posts and getting likes, you will have a better visibility. Another factor that may foul your visibility is the fewer fan engagement.
  Some Useful Resources Here is the instance of a video that will make understand how the impact is operated on your news and the quality of your Facebook fan pages. You must see the video.

So, these are all about the algorithm factors and changes of Facebook news feed. Do you have any further knowledge? Is there anything that has been missed? Your opinion is far important to make the article more compact. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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