Discover the Importance of Site Map

Sitemaps are useful to discover different pages of a site in an easier way. Google’s normal crawling process may not discover all the pages of your site. It is the XML sitemaps that helps inform Google about the different pages of your site. So, in case of exposure creating and submitting of Sitemap is also a crucial part of SEO. Search engine optimization will be far easier as the inclusion of Sitemap will tell Google about the different content of your pages and how often they are updated. In this way the pages and relevant contents are served in a better way by the search engine. Now look at the image below. A developer has started working designing for a site there was no inclusion of site maps. That is the reason that Google has taken a longer time to index the pages of the respective site. As a result the site traffic has become extremely low. Moreover, Google can index a hundred of pages in a quickest possible time after the submission of the Sitemap.

When do you need for a Sitemap? Most of the sites prefer to submit XML sitemap. Here, are some factors of a site that make the submission of Sitemap indispensable.
  • Your site is too large to crawl in a easier way.
  • Internal links are not made well.
  • Your site has a vast archive.
  • Your site is newly launched.
  • Your site has many external links.
  • Your site has rich digital and media content.
How to Set Up a Sitemap? Setting up of a site map is far easy. You just need to install plug-ins and fortunately there are two most popular ones. Those are Google XML sitemap and Wordpress SEO.
  1. Google XML site map has been downloaded for above 10 million times and this is the most popular one. It is quite easy to set up and especially use to launch a special sitemap that will help the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing
  1. Wordpress SEO is another one. Though there are some glitches of this plug in, it also considered a better one. This plug-in has the capacity to change link structure of pages, categories, posts and tag archives. This plug-in has two major facilities.
  • It helps find a popular keyword
  • It helps optimizing the post for that keyword
After installing such Sitemap plug-ins, make sure that you have submitted the same to Google. You can do this using webmaster tools. So, these are all about XML sitemaps. You must have been aware about the benefits of the same. So, do not forget to place your comments.

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