Diversification of Anchor Text and Statutory Tips

Link building is somehow the base of SEO and it may be an internal or backlink, the anchor text matters. If the users cannot understand what is the inside subject, why they should go for the link? Basically Anchor text is the clickable text that is followed by a hyperlink to another page or website. There are plenty of targeted words that are generally used as anchor text, but what about the non targeted ones? Are those worthy? They are surely worthy as SEOs always try to refer worthier information to the users, but what the user’s determination? From practical experiences it has been found that using targeted keyword phrases has a special impact over ranking. However, Google has little resources to determine such relevancy on the basis of page content. Here, I have structured the stats and thoughts of Anchor text uses and outcomes that should clear the confusing of using such clickable text. You must go through the same.
  • Make a Little Research of the Anchor Text in Backlink Profile
Before expanding the anchor texts, you should analyze all the backlinks targeted at your own website. Along with the targeted links you can also find the anchor texts. To specify the links you can use several online tools like. i. Google Search Console ii. Open site explorer iii. Ahrefs iv. Cognitive SEO Among the entire tools above, Google search console can be used free, but you may get least information. Using the paid tools you will get more detailed account. After entering into the account, you should make a list of backlinks and the respective anchor text. Here you can determine the percentage of your backlinks. The common ones are i. Brand name (Brand page is the anchor text) ii. Branded(Brand name is included in the anchor text) iii. Keyword brand iv. Exact match v. Popular anchor like “click here” vi. Domain name vii. URLs viii. Relevant SEO keywords

Source: Moz

  • Make a Glance at your Competitor Sites
Your competitor can be your best guide. In case of anchor text you get a better idea and also can discover the variations. There is no doubt that your competitors are also analyzing you, but this is the way to try a better comparison. The process you have opted for your own site, should have to be repeated with the competitor’s site. Through this you can specify the anchor texts by content, brand name, keywords and URLs. Now try to find out the variable keywords they are targeting to frame anchor texts.
  • Now it is the Time for Analysis
Your competitors in the industry may have used the variation on a certain percentage; there are no strict guidelines that you have to follow them. Suppose, you have used 60 percent branded terms, 20 percent keyword phrase and 20 percent un-optimized phrase. You competitor may have used 50 percent branded terms and rest are keyword targeted. There is no issue of using such variable anchor texts, but these are the sources to determine the variable outcomes of using such. There is no matter of surprise of discovering such variation. It may happen that your competitors have found a better suitability and balance using such variable percentage to gain a better ranking on SERP. Now you should examine the existing uses of anchor texts in your own backlink profile. Suppose, there are 12 variable targeted anchor text and you have used few at a high percentage. This will hamper ranking. Try to make a better distribution of the targeted anchor texts, otherwise search engines will penalize you using over optimized anchor text. In most of the cases webmasters generally use branded keywords like brand name or domain, instead of making a natural looking anchor text. These types of formation are not healthy for SEO websites. While operating diversification of keywords, always try to make it natural or meaningful. For an example "buy books" can be represented like this: “My uncle bought nice collection of books from example.com”. For the emerging firms it is better to use exact matched anchor texts that can attract natural traffic and increase the business fast. Basically this is the expertise to balance between SEO and branded keywords. After long period of uses, you should frame more new keywords to form anchor text. It will bring a good effect on SERP.
  • Avoid Over Optimized Anchor Text
If you have used same targeted keywords for several times, there will be a bad impact on SERP. This is the issue of over optimized anchor text. After the analysis if you have found such situation, just proceed to repair it. You will have two solutions to fix the issue. Either, you can instruct the webmasters to change or remove the respective links or you can build new backlinks with variable anchor texts. Repairing of over optimized links is not a matter of little amount of time. In this process you may lose positive link equity. In spite of these factors you should start the campaign to repair over optimized anchor texts to avoid the penalties from search engines. In this case you have to be aware that in case of paid search link building it will be difficult to replace the bad links in a short period of time. So, these are all about the formation and renovating of anchor text. What do you think? Is there any more regarding the same? Do not forget to share your valuable opinion to make the article more resourceful. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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