Effective Pinning Strategy on Pinterest

Pinterest has been considered most preferred social networking platform for the marketers. Tailwind CEO, Daniel Maloney has well defined the three leading social sites like Twitter as what someone is doing, Facebook as who someone is and Pinterest as what someone like to be. So, the pining is what you want to be in near future. In a general view to make millions of people follow you have to pin millions of images, infography, logos, icons, etc. But do you have enough time and resources to do such. That is reason you have to count and take special measures for each and every pin. Pinterest search optimization is not a tough job like Google, though it is neglected by many marketers.  To make a more successful Pinterest pin I have structured these strategies. It only needs mindfulness and not anything else. Just try to follow these and you will be at the top of the pinning mix along with your product in front of around 50 million users.

1. Launch Your Profile in a Better Way: - In your profile there must be the business name presented in a better manner. You must leave a description about your business that everyone understands who you are. Always try to use searchable keywords that all can read and understand.

2. Website Verification: - There are several measures of verification on Pinterest. You can verify your account through Meta tag or uploading HTML file.  You to opt for this process because verified accounts have much authority in Pinterest search. You may take help to implement the process.

3. Install Rich Pins for Popularity: - You have to be engaged always to pin high quality content and post that makes you popular and increase your post ranking. Setting up of rich pins in Pinterest will have a better impact on ranking on Google and other search engines. It may be a map or location details of a place or a phone book of important contacts.

4. High Quality Image: - It is a human psychology that image attracts more. Try to post high quality images in a proper manner. In Pinterest tall images are preferable as they sustain long time when a user scrolls down or up. The preferable size is 736 pixels. There is a number of ways to make or image more helpful, clever and informational that a Pinterest user likes. There must be a picture description which should be relevant to the link. Otherwise the users may be misguided. The best example of a image pin is an image with a title and little description.

5. Informative Descriptions: - In Pinterest descriptions work as caption. So, produce strong and informative descriptions with searchable keywords that will best define your product or page. You must avoid of using hashtags as they are less used and interested in Pinterest.

6. UTM Parameters: - Pinterest has always announced about UTM parameters that you may add the same with existing pins and the pins in near future to discover the worthiness of your effort. If you are a beginner you may try some guide how to use UTM parameters to track URLs.

7. Check Your Links: - You must check the matter sincerely that Pinterest is not forwarding users to deleted or expired pages. A 404 error is an unsatisfactory manner for the users and the same has a bad impact on ranking.

8. SEO Rich Descriptions: - You must try to enrich your descriptions with SEO manners that will help higher ranking in the search engine results. The SEO friendly terms will also guide the descriptions in a gaining purpose.

9. Other Great Pins: - You should not think about a single pin, but all the pins on your site. Whenever you are going to expand a pin, all the other pin images are attracted. This will bring more opportunities to employ your followers.

10. Find Your Topic: - Pinterest is famous for pinning in the field of fashion, cook, travel and current trends. But it is not true that there is no space for your product. By implementing better presentation of your product you may enter this competitive world.

So these are all about Pinterest that can make your marketing at sky scrapping limit. Try to measure all these and leave your responses. All the best.

By Professional qualification a Computer Engineer, By Profession an Online Marketing Strategist and Web Application Development Expert, By Industry position working as a CEO at Zebra Techies Solution!