Efficient Keyword Research Tricks for 2015

At present, an effective keyword research is the key factor to success for the online marketers. The online marketing is solely dependent upon search results. The fact is very clear that only the search engine results will evaluate your business online marketing standard and ranking. There are a million of competitors where you are, so only using of effective keywords will assure you for high return activity. There are several factors related with keyword research. The matter is not only to be at the top of the results or for more visitors, but also to get the right kind of visitors. A keyword research also includes the factors like prediction of demand, analyzing the seeking quality of the users and also responding to changing market situation. Whenever you will be searching something better and effective regarding the matter, you will find millions of references. It is not very possible to check them all. That is the reason I have made this effort to point out the precise and effective tricks of keyword research. Let us have a look:- 1. Analyze the existing pages – to be optimized or changed to new one : At first you have to check your SERP and Domain’s strength. Moz's Open Site Explorer may be used to determine SERP and Domain’s strength. As for example for the search query ‘Christian online store’ there are 3000 results per month. Then it would be an easy situation to compete. On the basis of the SERP analysis some weaker sites can be easily overtaken. Now these accumulated keywords on Google Doc should have to be sorted in descending order of monthly search volume. In this way we can gather more effective closely related keywords. It will also have to be imagined that what the outcome of using these variable keywords is. The variable keywords should show the major landing pages of you website. The title tags should be checked if they are accurately optimized for the keywords or not. If there is not any page referred to the keywords it should be created as early as possible. 2. Keyword Experimenting Tool in Google : The very beginning of keyword research process is to set Google analytic and Webmaster tools. The reason is that you will not be able to research anything, if you have no resources. At first you have to find out which pages are attracting more traffics and in which terms. The issue in this regard is that Google has stopped to display the effective keywords which have truly worked. To have the outline of these keywords you have to have a little bit effort. These are the steps that you must inspect. In the GA account at first you have to click on ‘Acquisition’ in the left hand navigation. Then under ‘Acquisition’ click on ‘Source/Medium’. In the primary data page click on "Google / organic". Now you can check the “Landing page” in Secondary dimension. Here you will check the keywords which have proved quality to bring traffic. In this concern another things like user interaction and examined content by the users also can be checked. Webmaster tool allows finding the search queries, impressions, CTR and remarkable positioning places. This will be easier and fewer steps you have to measure. Such as i. Within your GA account, just go for ‘Search traffic’. ii. Then click on ‘Search queries’. After you find the effective keywords you have to evaluate the same and you can get a clear idea for launching more. Let us have a practical experience. The top searched key words can be placed very easily, but the initial stage to choose them. This can be done using Google Keyword planner or GKP. With GKP it will be a great place to start as it has proved one of the most efficient ones. In GKP at first, you have to click on ‘Search for new keyword and ad group ideas". Then you have to use the basic keyword or the primary term of your company or product like ‘Christian Online dating’ As you click on ‘Get ideas’ it will show you the effective keywords. If you click on "Avg. monthly searches" it will sort the queries from most desired to the least ones. 3. Demand of the Long Tail Keywords : Using a long tail keyword has always proved its efficiency in both cases like Internet users and search engines. Now they are frequently used by the users to get accurate desired results. Suppose someone is looking for residence in New York with facility of large open place for gardening. So the efficient keyword will be ‘Residence in New York with large open space’ rather than only ‘residence in New York’. So, the essence is that it modifies the original search term to make it into a more clearly defined one. 4. Keyword Research Resources Except all these you will get more references and knowledge on the following:- i. Google Trends ii. Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence iii. Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand iv. Google Instant 5. Audience Terms : Social media is very important tool to be determined earlier before entering into the process. A social media expresses what the common trend is and how the people will be flexible to search. As for example you can find and evaluate the demand of your product by entering the keywords into twitter search. The response will help you to choose proper keywords. If your product or service is a good talked one, then it will be very easy to track the proper channel. Rather than the social media another valuable mediums of gathering social talks are forum and blogs. The questioning and answering in the forums will show you what the people think and need and what will be their search criteria. If a topic or question spread in different threads, it will be a great chance to know about your product from the ideal visitors. Beside all these the other key factors that you have to keep in mind in the keyword research campaign are like brand terms, product terms, competitor terms, substitute product terms, keyword category and refining, competition, etc and these will help you to target the right keywords. So, if you have your primary term you can practice the process which will help to get more trafficking keywords and it is proved that the click through campaign will be in an increasing manner. Share your tips and tricks for effective keyword research. Would you like more information about Keyword Research Tricks? Visit us online at Zebra Techies Solution.

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