Enroll Accurate Hotel’s Goggle+ Business Listing

In the world of web you will get uncountable references of online hotel marketing strategies. In this post I am going to discuss only a part of the same i.e. Google+ business listing. As you know, Google is the king, so it is very necessary to provide information to Google that you are on the web. Like all other industry, hotel business has found the new dimension on the web. But, how to provide your guests the definite information of your hotel. How you will be able to reach in front of wider visitors. Google+ business listing is the way to inform your customer who you are. Google+ business listing is now popularly known as “Google My Business”. This is the point to forecast your business information on Google search, Google maps and Google+ at a glance. The information provided to these platforms should be accurate and up to date that the customer will get the right one while searching for a hotel or food service. Know something about “Google+ business listing” Now, what is the relation between your site and Google+. Let’s have a look on the following
  • Whenever you have listed your business on Google+, your site will be connected with the same on organic search results.
  • Your site will also be connected with Google map that will show your location and contacts.
  • Your service type will be shown by Google knowledge graph.
  • The business information will also be included in the new Google 3 pack display.
Why you have to fix incorrect information on Google+ business listing? Google’s aim is to provide information to the searchers as accurate as it can. So, if your listing has any wrong or backdated information, just update it now. You can remember that you have edited your listing in the very last year, so you think all are correct, but there are certain hidden measures that will cause the loosing of correct information. Google collects data from various sources of information like Yelp, Facebook and other social sites. So if you have listed anywhere a wrong phone number or address, it will impact a bad result on user’s search. As there is a transformation from Google local to Google’s my business platform. This change has caused many issues. Like the data that are registered as duplicate or aged, are now active on the new platform. So, if you are listed on the platform, just go and check Google+ listing if there is any incorrect information or not. Always try to put better and effectual contacts. Whenever a customer is calling you, he/she need to speak the front desk not the hotel owner. Check such listings and if any correct them. How to fix incorrect information on Google+ business hotel listing? Here are few tips which will help you fix the incorrect information on hotel business listing. Have a look:
  • First check your account is verified or not
If there is a display of incorrect information, at first log in to Google+ business manager account and edit the information. Hence, it will take longer time to be alive on the web, make a schedule of reviewing the listing frequently.
  • Check your business update on Google map maker
Google map maker is used to list geographical locations. If you have any map maker edit you have to use only one Google account. Suppose you have found anything wrong on Google map maker, what you should do. Just follow the steps:- i. Find your hotel on Google map maker. ii. Choose edit menu iii. Next you have to choose edit this place from the drop down menu. iv. Submit changes and it will be changed Make a major local listing audit If your business listing is showing bad information then you have to make an audit that what the source of the same is. There must be same information on the web that has been mingled with your listing. Try to bring accuracy and check all the information that you have provided in the fields like Name, Address, Phone, Website, Categories, Photography and Descriptions. If all these are correct, then the information of the search results will definitely be accurate. What should you do if you have multiple locations? You may have several location of your business point. You must mention them all. If not then people will not find you in all the respective locations. There is a particular slot where you should mention all the places and contacts carefully. It will help to be found your business better on the location basis search result. Google local help After all these if you have any confusions or query, you can take support of the Google team. You can contact them through email or call. They are very helpful. If you are unverified even after providing all the details, they will guide you to solve. So, these are all about Google+ hotel business listing. Try to maintain these measures frequently that your presence on the web becomes more transparent so that guest will get proper information of your hotel and book a room. If you are a beginner in such audit, do not be afraid; just proceed with the above tips. I love Google and if you need, I will help you to clean the web by removing bad data through local listing. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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