Exact Match Domain (EMD) - A Tactic That Is Effective as Well as Vulnerable to Low Website Quality

Exact Match Domain (EMD) - A Tactic That Is Effective as Well as Vulnerable to Low Website Quality

In today’s present era, the web world is featured with various optimization complexities that one has to master if want to successfully remain on the top ranks of the popular search engines. In the present web world, tackling the various types of complex optimization practices is very tricky many times. One of such tricky and complex optimization practices is the exact match domain (EMD). An Exact Match domain (EMD) is a domain name that exactly matches the services of the organization, which reflects the popular keywords and help drive traffic to the website. For example: If your website domain name is BuyCheapshirtsonline.com, then it represents EMD, as the term ‘Buy Cheap Shirts’ is a popular keyword. This kind of EMD practices are taken as a short cut to reach at the top of the search engine results page. However, implementation of Exact Match domains has many negative effects as well.


Problems of Implementing Exact Match Domain (EMD)

Exact Match Domain (EMD) is often considered a sign of spammy website, if the URL of the website exactly matches the search term. This problem is one of the foremost problems of using EMD. For instance, suppose a website domain name represents watchmoviesforfree.com. Such domain name automatically matches the popular search term ‘ watch movies for free’ that in turn hampers the website overall brand identity though provide a temporary boost in the ranking of the website on the popular search engines.

Ideal Way of Acquiring the Top Rank in the Popular Search Engines

In most of the cases, the ideal way of naming a domain is representing the brand name itself, with perhaps a single keyword. This kind of domain name implementation practices helps to promote the brand identity among the online customers. As per the latest Google update, businesses are advised not to implement the exact match domain as website domain name because it creates a lot of spammy search problems. The ideal way to obtain a good ranking on the top search results is supposed to be through quality content, trusted backlinks, etc. Using EMD can just provide you a top ranking by shoe-horning in the popular search keywords. The Exact Match domain is highly opposed by the reputed brands as this kind of practices yield websites greater position in the search engines but increases the rate of spammy websites.

So, this emphasizes to the fact that the companies should first focus on the quality of the website to acquire a top rank on the search results rather than engaging themselves in EMD practices, which is a shortcut, spammy method of obtaining top ranking on the search engines

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