Explore the Image Sources and Guidelines to Place Images on Your Blog Posts without Hiring a Professional

You may have explored lot of pages in the world of web and what is your reaction all about them? You must have special attraction to the pages those have better images as well as textual information. Yes, this is the better way of exposure. Most of the user has the same reaction as you have. According to a stat, the articles that contain custom images have 94% more total views than the ordinary ones. So, to gain user’s attention for a longer time and also to increase traffic in a booming manner there is no substitute of using custom images. Facebook has explored the most burning proof that the posts having better images have got 53% more likes and around 93% more engagement than the posts those are without images. It is very clear that images have more power to engage a user’s mind than text. You may have produced quality contents, but without proper images all those are least attractive. So, after all these stats you may have better understood that images are the best medium to get more satisfied user’s experience. It is fact that the expertise lies upon expensive graphic designers, but many small firms are incapable of hiring those. The remedy is mission of my article. Here is the complete guide that will make possible to place custom images without hiring an expert graphic designer. You should go through this. For different kinds of custom images you need different more images for your image. Are you confused? Here is the explanation. Just look at the following image.  


  Above it is an analysis of different wings or services include in an SEO. If you examine carefully you will see that there are many images mingled in this single one. There is a background and many people are greeting each other. You can easily get all of these part images after a Google search, but you may face copyright or legal issues. To manage this section here are some efficient sources of custom images. Just make a look.
  •  Some Low Cost Image Sources
i. Public Domain Images: - Public domain images are those that are placed by the creator for public use with free of cost. In most of the cases this images are found to be aged and traditional. This source is free cost and that is good, but not great because these images are frequently use and more common to explore. There so many public domain search engines and among them the popular and effective ones are as follow:- a. Morguefile: - This is the most popular free images source site. The most important thing is that you can easily explore the total downloaded times for each and specified images. So, if an image is downloaded ten thousands time, it will better to avoid as it has become more common for the users. b. Pixabay: - This is another site to grab images for free. In this concern you must avoid the sponsored images as they are the images that are downloaded forcefully. c. Common pictures from public domain : - It does not be thought that each and every website has good value in front of the business. Public domain pictures are the most common and cheaper one and is shown by the search engines are the great sources of great public domain images. ii. Simple Icons: - Simple icons are available both free and paid and you can choose the same according to your desire. The popular source for such icon is noun project and in this archive you make searches on the basis of your keywords. These small icons are popular due to the placement on larger images according to the relevancy of content. iii. Creative Common Images: - Creative common images are the products of non-profit organization and also provide licenses to different image works. The images available in Creative Common Images are both paid and free and they are of quite higher quality than the free public domain images.
  • CC Search: - Through CC search you can better find the available commercial images. There are many options that are used to find the right images according to your desire.
  • Flickr: - It is the most popular source of creative commercial image. Here you can filter and edit images according to your use.
  • Google advanced image search: - Here is the easier way to make an image search. Just go to the search box and type your search term. You can filter image search by clicking on “search tools”. The only negative marking of this source is that it categorizes the search result wrongly. 
iv. Stock Images: - These kinds of images generally produced by top rated professionals. Due to expert involvement these are the high quality pictures. In this case you should know that there are few stock image sites those are free and most of them are paid. I have managed some instances. Just have a look. If you are not satisfied with the few, there are uncountable stock image sites that you may pick anyone of them and if you have decided to buy such images, be sure that you are ready with your budget. Before buying such products you must go through the “reserved rights”. The annoying feature is that if you buy an image once, you will be permitted to use the same once; otherwise you have to pay attributes. That is the reason that users are always in search of “royalty free images”. These images are not free, but you can use your bought products several times according to your desire. Some renowned websites for “royalty free images” are v. Solution from a Cheap Designer: - Solution from a Cheap Designer: - If you are not ready to make all such effort, you may hire a cheap designer or get support from a web design company according to your budget. For more support you may contact us at zebratechies.com.
  • Some Valuable Tips For Designing Images Like A Pro
I am not a web designer though I have structured this article. So, you can better understand if you are not a professional designer there are lots of web designing tools that can help you out. One of the most popular names is Canva. You can easily use this web designing tool to change color or edit an image. Here, are some steps to follow managing this tool. i. Pick A Canvas Category: - Whenever you are preparing for an image campaign, you must choose the format. May be you are searching for a banner or poster or a presentation or a Facebook cover, here is all such availabilities. ii. Use the Sidebar: - After choosing a particular format or design for your image you will find the sidebar shown below. Use the custom options to browse image or photos to be placed in the canvas. You may also search for relevant categories and photos. In this concern you may have to pay some charges for the images those are paid only and not for free. Rests of the tabs are quite easy to understand.
  • Layouts: - It will help splitting your canvas like pre set templates.
  • Text :- This feature will help you add any size and type of your
  • Background :- Through this option you will be avail to background themes, styles and graphic designs
  • Uploads: - It will help uploading your own photo or images at free of cost.
  • If you are not satisfied with Canva, There are also some better websites. Like GIMP, Illustrator and Photoshop.
Moreover you are using Canva or another online tool, first go through the reserved rights to know more about the conditions.
  • Some Image Designs For Example
  • You can manage a free Canva template to utilize the pre set format.
  • You should better use the transparent background stock image and the title must be put in the text wrapper.
  • For better information along with a satisfactory convenience you must use a catchy headline and title.
  • Optimize Pictures for Search Engine
So, now you have better understood the tricks to frame custom images and the next step is to make a better presentation that assures benefits. i. Increase page speed by compressing the file size. A little delay can make a user unsatisfied. In this concern you may use some free applications like Kraken or EWWW. ii. Make SEO friendly image: - There are certain factors that have to be considered while optimizing images like Image title/File name/ Image alt text. iii. Resizing of images while publishing on social media. Some Online Free Image Editing Tool:- Here are some free image editing tools available online. Conclusion: - So, these are all about making of custom images without hiring a web designing professional. Do not forget to leave your valuable comments as these are the only resources that can make this content more resourceful. 

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