Facebook Game Invites- Deal Them Smartly

Too many Facebook Game invites making your life a clutter? You’re not alone on this planet to have been facing this hell! The challenge is you’ll be still getting invites even after you put up the recording on the loop saying “Please do not invite me anymore.”

As long as you’re on Facebook, this is going to keep going on. A thought that might have come upon you prevailing whether it will be a perennial pester for the Facebook users is very common. You don’t need to disturb the peace of mind, because there are ways to stop those invites permanently.

Game Request Option

“I Don’t Play Facebook Games”

Almost every morning upon logging into Facebook, you might come across a new or another Facebook notification only to find out into them that it is an invitation by so-and-so to play games. It might oftentimes either infuriate you or frustrate you because such notifications have been so disgusting for your Facebook life that you want a peaceful way out.

For all Facebook games, there is the "Invite All" or "Send to All" option readily available. There are certain games which may have collected your friends who are already on the game on a smaller list. Those requests to play games might be lazy and just a send request choice to everyone on the list instead of choosing the names one by one.

There is no reason to curse Facebook, because it is Facebook game players actually who see your messages and Facebook doesn’t. Facebook doesn’t make it easy for gamers to choose who not to spam, there is nothing to make them do about it.

All the same, you can stop receiving notifications and update requests also.

Click on the notification icon for a dropdown of all your notifications and locate the game notification at the receipt of Facebook notification on your desktop.

However near the right side of the bar. There you can see a circle and a cross appear. The circle gives you the Mark as Red Option. Find there Cross. Click on it to turn off notifications.

Facebook Game

Upon clicking on Turn off by the left side of game name, you will no longer receive notifications from the said game. You can do it for any game.

You can also stop seeing game updates also. Stop seeing game updates on your Facebook feed. Look for any game-related posts and stop them.

To the right of the game name, you will find an arrow-down button. Click on it to see a dropdown menu and choose “Unfollow” from among other options.

You can also help block single post. By “Unfollowing” a friend, you can also ensure to no longer receive posts from the said person, including the non-game related ones.

“Hide all from game” will block updates from any friends related to that game.

In order to block game/app invites, go to the far right at your top menu bar of your Facebook main page. Click on the dropdown arrow and click on settings.

On the left sidebar, choose Blocking and go to the Manage Blocking section. You can type in the name or email from whom you don’t wish to receive game/app invites any more.

Having two Facebook accounts is a good option to demarcate game addiction and activities done outside of it. You can also personally stop receiving game invites from whoever you don’t wish to receive them.


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