Few Activities to Increase E-commerce Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is the comparison between the visitors of a site and the number paying customers. It is basically evaluated by online advertisers and marketers to calculate the traffic status on their e-commerce sites. It is more important to understand the business status and what measures one should take to increase traffic for more sales. There are a lot of variables that determine the traffic .i.e. conversion rate. So, at the initial stage you have to know the factors that decide the same. I have structured some effective tips that should increase your site’s conversion rate. You should have a look:-
  • Product Images and Videos: - People always prefer to see first what they are going to purchase. So, a product image or video will quite enough to attract a buyer’s concentration at the initial stage. Moreover, such views can increase your conversion rate at a certain percentage. People will be happy to purchase from you by placing such digital contents. In this concern I am recommending you to place a description of the product image or video, otherwise visitors will be treated with less data and information. Moreover, you have to launch a compact visual description of your products.
  • Better Information of the Product: - A description of a product always matters. With a better description you are informing more about the product and customer will be more satisfied with the same. There should be two versions of the instruction. One should be concise and another will be long. At the concise version you should provide the basics of the product, whereas the rest one will be in detail that the customers should have no questions to ask. Another important thing is that you should not use manufacturers manifesto or detail on the product copy. You must use your personal e-commerce details for a better presentation.
  • Do Not Charge for Shipping: - If you have charged for shipping, there will be a bad impact on good conversion rate. According to a study, 93% of total buyers are found of free shipping. So, not only to reach the demand, the shipping offers must be exiting that there will be an easy transaction. Nowadays it has been proved that high shipping cost always make an unsatisfactory transaction.
There is a great difference between free and cheap. There was a time when shipping charges were made cheap and the sales of Amazon rise high in all over the world except France. When it became free, there was another rise. If you are determined to charge for shipping, then mention everything at the front. Customers should be aware of such costs.
  • Special Selling Groups: - Most of the e-commerce sites have special offers and discounts. According to some customers there must be special sections or groups of discounted products. Most of the buyers prefer to choose discounted products. So, you have launch special groups that provide sales and specials. Make an instance of the same at the front page that visitors should be aware of the fact.
  • Avoid Shopping Cart Abandonment: - This happen at the checkout process or when the customer is going to pay. If the customer discovers that the same product is available at a cheaper price then there will be no selling option. In 2011 the shopping cart abandonment reached at the top. There are some reasons behind such failures. I have pointed out the major ones. You must check out :-
  1. Try to offer free shipping
  2. Try to compare pricing of the same products with other companies.
  3. Try to avoid hassles or registration pressure
  4. Check your site speed
Most of the companies have reduced shopping cart abandonment following up by email. If the customers have included a contact in the online form, try to find their issues and retarget them. So, you have to be in process of collecting emails to follow up. Make sure that first follow up emails goes out ASAP. Many e-commerce platforms use tools to find out the reason of such event. The tools like SeeWhy or Rejoiner may help you.  
  • Contact Info and Live Chat Option: - To increase reliability you must put your contacts at the front. It will prove that you are in a real business. To support the queries of a customer manage a quick and live chat option.
  • Offer Multiple Payment Option: - There are several online payment modes except credit card. If anyone has experienced a theft with credit card, he/she will not be eager to use the same again. So, you must provide other payment options.
  • Better Search and Filter Option: - Your e-commerce point must include a better search filter, so that users may find or search their desired products at a glance. Make sure all the products on your site can be placed by chosen filter like by price or popularity.  Amazon has introduced an up graded search filter, which is providing the customers more flexibility and satisfaction.
  • Forms Should be Short and Precise: - If the customers have to fill large forms it will be an unsatisfactory measure. Always try to launch short forms that should reduce the time spending of a customer. The shipping or billing address should be short and precise so that anyone filling the same will not be irritated.
  • Make a Detail Account of a Credit Card: - Some of the people do not know what the CVV code is or what the credit card no is. Place a clear instruction of a card or check what the steps are to be followed by customers. Make the steps easy by providing a better image description.
  • Product Reviews: - People, before shopping online always try to read the product reviews. If your site has product reviews it will be a matter of reliability of the customers. Ask your existing customers to leave reviews and place the same on your e commerce site.
  • Calls to Action Button must be Clear and Big: - You may have paced a lot of matters with the product, but the call to action button must be clear and big. In the page it should be highlighted clearly. Think about a better color of the same, as it matters to attract a buyer.
  • Offer Back Ordering: - You may choose the order back option to re-stock the item in a predictable time.
  • Be Unique and Try Not to Copy Other Big Brands: - A fresh and unique content is always appreciable in the world of web. There is a faith of the customers that after a paid transaction the goods or product will surely be supplied by Amazon or other big platforms. They have made such personality and faith. Try to make your own with a fresh and unique presentation.
  • Make Frequent Testing of Your Site: - How the users are feeling on your site? To understand this you have to be customer first. After such testing you will be able to understand about the faults and unsatisfactory concern of your site. So make frequent tastings to fulfill customer’s satisfaction.
Conclusion: - So. These are all about to increase conversion rate of your site. You have to measure all these before getting a higher business. Do not forget leave your responses.

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