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Gmail creates separate Promotions box for email marketing: Can it be a bigger bang for your buck?

Gmail creates separate Promotions box for email marketing: Can it be a bigger bang for your buck?

Coming years will see an overwhelming swell in spending for email marketing. 88% of retailers are reported to be preparing to increase their spending on email marketing campaigns. So, get ready to have your inbox swamped with scores of email ads during the Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas Period and the days of such festivities.

Keeping it in mind, Gmail creates a new tabs system, which segregates messages into different parts based on their objective. Marketing messages will go straight into “Promotions” box, thereby making it easier than ever to ignore email ads. Don’t you think this redesign and step of Gmail going to be extremely effective for email marketing?

A separate box for storing promotional mails is a strategic creation and a piecemeal of innovative sort. So far, Gmail users had to enter into their inbox area with keeping their mouse pointer on Delete button. Upon finding flood of nuisance-making mails, they had to start ticking them one by one and click on the Delete sign to spurn them into Trash box. Doing all these things may take substantial part of your vital time. Having this feature incorporated into Gmail relieves you of the distressful management of your mailbox.

Scores of benefits may follow once this feature kicks in fully. Email ad campaign would be more effective then and not all promotional emails would then be considered as spam. Email marketing will indeed get a more boost like never before.

Upside: From retailers’ side, they can make a smarter move about dealing with email ads. Being aware of their emails not going to be spammed, at least in their initial bid, they would personalize the mail body better and highlight benefits for their receivers/consumers tersely. In short, online as well as offline retailers and best SEO Company are now in better position to highlight deals, products, and promotions, which are tailor-made to the individual’s interests.

Upside: From consumers’ side, they don’t have to filter emails which are not useful to them. By corralling promotional emails into a box, Gmail has created a separate space for them where consumers would check in to see if there are any worthy mails in queue to be read. Psychologists say clicking or not clicking depends on power of words as seen on subject line coined by marketers and also on the insights of the receivers. It is said that consumers are immensely benefited by this email segregation. Consumers can quickly scan in one place things which may or may not be relevant to without having to spend time trying to find personal emails in sea of mixed clutter. Many of them would also tend to peep into Promotions inbox off and on or pretty regularly to check whether any service or product they are in need of is being offered by any of the email campaigners. By going through from one mail to another, they may just likely to come across the mail. Anyway,chances may be a factor definitely. Hence, the creations of short, crisp, terse, effective, and catchy campaign that can grab glance like glue are in dire demand.

In parallel, there runs an undercurrent of apprehension. You may take it as downside of this email segregation step. Many studies term this redesign as “marketer’s worst nightmare”. By this redesign, Gmail brackets promotional messages which might unlikely to come into the notice of Gmail users every time they check into the email. Primary box for emails from real people, Social for social networking and Promotions for email marketing are in fact corralling messages.


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