Google to Initiate Overriding of Call Extension Numbers with Location-Specific Phone Numbers in Ads

Google to Initiate Overriding of Call Extension Numbers with Location-Specific Phone Numbers in Ads

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Each day the digital platform witnesses a new trend and update that make the competition stiffer and concrete. In this already competitive web world, Google has introduced a new update which will be in effect from January 19, 2017, elaborating that the location-specific phones numbers will start showing up when location extensions appear in ads. This has made it tough for the advertisers, who use a central contact number for various kinds of purposes like conversion, tracking, etc. This latest update from Google has in one way made the reachability of the ads more location specific while introducing a difficulty for the advertisers using different contact numbers for various kinds of advertising jobs. To get the most of this latest update, it is first important for the advertiser to use the location-specific phone number in the advertisement that is there in their Google My Business profile. This new update from Google has widened the exposure for ads, which includes location extensions in them.

As per this upcoming update of Google, it is being advised to the advertisers having location extensions to ensure that their Google My Business listings are updated with the accurate contact numbers for each location of their business. There are plenty of cases, where the advertisers with physical location prefer to direct calls to a central number or call center to acquire ad conversion and tracking. Google is completely aware of this concern, which is why it suggests the advertisers to submit a form before the implementation of this latest Google update to opt out of having local numbers show in location extensions. However, taking such step might negatively impact the ad impressions.

So, it is mostly recommended by Google to use this latest update to generate more prospective exposure for ads in spite of opting out and creating a negative impression on the advertisements.

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