Google’s Determination to Withdraw Page Speed Service on August 2015

Google’s page speed service is an online support to increase the page speed of web pages. Now, the giant search engine has decided to ban the service. Google has defined the reasons behind the withdrawal process quite simply:- "We see much broader adoption of page speed technology through our open source products and have therefore decided to focus our efforts on improving those.” Now after enjoying the service for around four and half years you have to adopt anything else. If you are using Google’s page speed service, you have to change your DNS within August 2015. Otherwise you will not be able to access your site. Google has clearly defined the operation how to operate all of these.

It is not only Google but the same features of page speed technology have been used by many alternative providers and with the shutting down there will be no further impact. Here are the services:- 1.  Server modules: - If you are operating your own web server, you can install the page speed module. 2.  Page speed provided by host: - If your web hosting provider is integrating page speed module, you can certainly use this. 3.  Nginx: - There is a new Plug-in developed by Google for Nginx. 4.  Apache: - Google has developed a new open source APACHE module. 5.  Apache traffic server: - WeAmp has transferred page speed to Apache traffic server. 6.  Cloud based options: - EdgeCast Edge optimizer incorporates Google page speed with their content delivery network.  

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