Google’s Entry into Auto Insurance Field

As automobile sector has become one of the leading generators of the economy, a lot of reforms are happening. Google’s entry into the field is one of such. Google will start comparing Auto insurance. At the initial stage, the operation is going to start from California and there will be 14 insurer listings along with price comparison and other hidden terms. After the wider expansion the listing number along with ratings, reviews and local support will increase. It has been said that Google Auto Insurance compare services will be expanded to more than 25 states. Through the launching as a car insurer, you will be able to determine your quality and your price listing will depend upon the customer’s quoted price. Google has launched a similar campaign in earlier 2012 which was named as insurance quote acquisition. Now it will be quite different and can be said as an up-gradation. After the entry of Google, insurance becomes one of the important factors of rank aggregators. Google has earlier launched rate quotes for hotels, flight or shopping. Google operates such programs with the advisors that feature comparison shopping. But in the credit card comparison listings, Auto insurance had not created any competition among advertisers.

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