Google’s Inclusion of Mobile Accessibility as a Factor to Ranking Algorithm

Nowadays it is very evident that a website’s status is estimated on the basis of its ranking and availability. Simply, how, most of the search engine, especially Google manages to treat it. For the same reason it is very necessary to maintain the optimization process in a well built manner. In the SEO process a new issue has arisen which will also endorse the optimization process. It is called Mobile suitability of your website. Elaborately, at present the search engines are also going to determine the section of mobile suitability of your website. One of the employees of Google, Gary Illyes has informed that if your website is not accessible to the mobile users, Google may penalize you .i.e. your website. It has been found that most of the advanced users like to search the web on their mobile devices while working hours. So, it is pretty clear why the search engines have chosen or included the matter in ranking algorithm. Google has already announced what a mobile user sees on the screen, the same has been observed by Google. The subjects include like font size variation on different mobile screens, Zoom in and out facility, scrolling features and accessibility to the whole website on the tiny mobile’s tiny screen. So, if any website carries a bad experience of a mobile user, there will be a bad impact on ranking. These diverse features of a website will be under surveillance by Google bot. Since July, 2013 Google has started penalizing the websites which are generating mobile errors, especially on the field of ranking. Along with this there is a least chance of these websites to be appeared in Google’s mobile search results. So, under these norms it is reasonably clear that a mobile friendly website will assure you better ranking and more publicity of the respective website. There are several measures, taken to bring more accuracy and accessibility for the Mobile Friendly Test. Consequently this tool has been determined as the best learning tool for this purpose. So, right now test your website on the mobile screen and check the accessibility of your website which may give you a mobile user’s experience.

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