Google’s Mobile Usability Warnings to the Webmasters

Google is alerting the webmasters whose websites are hardly accessible or not user-friendly on the mobile phones. The notifications are sent on the basis of the fact that these kinds of websites have 100% usability errors and also they are to fix mobile usability errors. The warnings are sent by Google through web master tool and e-mail. The notifications and warnings are also sent to the webmasters, whose websites have slight or simple errors on mobile surfing. It has been clearly alarmed by Google that these kinds of mobile inaccessibility of the websites will have a strong impact on mobile search results and ranking. Why all of these measures have been taken? It is very evident that a new mobile ranking algorithm will be launched soon and Google has announced that the same has been under process since November 2013. Google has also launched a mobile friendly testing tool, which is evaluating the effectiveness of the websites on mobile. Google is also including the respective measures and solutions in the notifications to fix the mobile friendly issues like:- i. How to find the problematic pages? ii. How to learn about mobile friendly design? iii. How to fix the mobile usability issues? This will be another progressive step beyond Broken Mobile Site Penalty which was launched in earlier 2013. Basically the targets are least mobile friendly sites and it is expected that there will be a remarkable change on the algorithm.

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