Google’s Trial of Live Chats in Search Results

Google is at the door-step of another invention of better communication that is Live chats, i.e. Google hangouts in-to search results. The feature of the same is like Path Talk, a mobile conversation application. According to a source, familiar with project, the whole process is under trial. It will take more time for better information regarding the features of the same. After implementation, the application will generate a better option for the local businesses to communicate with the consumers. Through the conversation in the Google hangouts the consumer will be able to check the availability of the vendor, product details, price, location, etc.

This application will be incorporated by Google. So, it is very clear that it will carry more diverse features than other chat options like Path Talk. In this application there will be a close link with Google maps and search results listing. Yet, much has not been published about the launch. So, there are several questions in the mind of search users like how much effective it will be or it will be measured as a ranking factor by Google. Moreover, everyone wishes that live chat may be available on both desktop and mobile to cover the extreme range of users.

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