Have you Violated Google’s Quality Guidelines? Be Ready to Fix it.

If your site gets compliance issue, then Google will surely inform you, banning your site. The issue starts from the site owners who make the request to Google Search Quality team to consider your site. If your site contains such issue, at first you will be warned to fix the same and then some measurable steps will be taken. If you are unable to find the gaps or you cannot find which articles are violating the webmaster’s quality guidelines, you may have the support of the Google Team. The common measures may be like gulp, porn sites. Here are some measures that will help you fix such issues. 1. Why Such Sites are Actually Warned? Whenever a website owner gets such warnings form search quality team, he, she may be in a great confusion. As most of the business websites do not link with any kind of bad links which may harm their reputation. So, why all these are happening? Many users have also submitted the fact that they always avoid nefarious sites. In spite of that they are finding their link reference on several abandoned forums and spam sites. Besides all these, there is a huge change in the algorithm of guidelines, as which was good in 2011, now has been banned in the webmaster guidelines. These are the reasons why the sites are getting such threats. However Google has found some reasons of the same and they have forwarded the same to the site owners who are in consideration. These reasons may be:- i. If you are exchanging your link for like sharing there may be an entry of such spam into your site. ii. Buying or selling of links. iii. If you are creating links using automated programs. iv. Large scale marketing along with the links with anchor text. So, it may happen that you have not stepped anything wrong but you are banned for violating Google webmaster Guidelines. 2. How Will you Start? When Google is sending you the warning, there will be a list of the probable links which are the reasons of the mishap. So, now you have to find out the source of such links and how they are merged with your own. After detecting such links, you must remove them or use the Nofollow ‘’option”. 3. Using Webmaster Tools Find the Links In this campaign the first measure to be taken is to sort out the back links which are considered spam. Now follow the steps: - Google webmaster tool > Search Traffic > Links to Your Site. The first page you will see like this. You can visit more links or a long time history of the back links sorted by date. The archives of such links will be like the following snap. Now it is time to catch the each and consider them with Google Webmaster tools guideline. You cannot remove the all at a glance because you should know the importance of the back links. So, you have to sort out the filthy ones only. After considering all the links, you will find that a certain number links are the issue of the ban. You will be quite surprised on seeing the fact that which measures were allowed in the guidelines of 2011, they have been banned in the year of 2014. So, it is the time to take steps. Try to delete the links or use Nofollow for the rest that you cannot delete. This will help communicate Google that the links will not be targeted for links ranking. You may also contact the website owners of the links through contact forms, E-mail or Social media requesting to delete links to your site. This way you will be able to remove almost all of the links from your site. If there are rest of few then add them to Google’s disavow tool. But after all these measures taken, if you still found that Google is not satisfied with the reforms and still you are violating webmaster’s guidelines, you have to keep patience to watch what is the upcoming warnings and references from Google. But, instead of these, there will be a high growth in traffic as your back links are now well structured. It may happen that the site owners may have deleted the links to your site, but Google is on another concern. The reconsideration report may states that the spam or bad links are still attached to the home page or other links. It may be the reason that they have not considered the links as deleted. In August 2013 Google has launched a feature named Manual Action Viewer in Webmaster tool. After that they are considering and taking manual actions only instead of affecting the site’s ranking as a whole. If you have experienced such I am advising you to put the topic on Google product forum where you can get some positive responses regarding the matter. On the other hand if the problematic back links are not visible in your Google webmaster tools, Google will provide you the samples. You may get several negative reports for a long time if you are a victim of such issues. But the positive outcome is that increasing in traffic. According to my experience one of the site owners was released from the mishap after a period of almost 15 months. At that period the site experienced a lower traffic in average, but after lifting of the ban it saw a better growth. So, I am suggesting you not to be tensed about the matter. Though the issue needs dedicative involvement, there will be no affect on the traffic after the ban is lifted. 4. Some Precautions to Avoid Ban i. Keep a steady surveillance over the links. I will suggest you to do the same at least twice a month. ii. Always check the updates of Google’s webmaster tools guideline, if any back link is violating the same then avoid it. iii. The most important matter is the efficiency of your site. If you are placing quality content, then back links will be from the safe and secure sites. iv. Don’t ever try to make a trick with Google. The algorithm is too strong to catch such things. I have experienced such issue and can feel the headache of a website owner who is in the grab of such ban. I have suggested these manners from my own experience and hope that it will be effective for you. Leave your responses and issues if you have any.

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