How Google and Other Voice Search Engines Treat Your Voice

The dynamics of the world of web has launched the new phase of voice recognition, but do you know how Google and other voice search engine treat the sound? I am going to provide you more information.

According to a famous spokesperson of Google, Travis Trekell certain measures are taken by Google to isolate only the user’s voice . A user may operate the process from anywhere and there will be the sounds of the surroundings. So, how the search engines will identify the users? A lab test in Google has cleared the fact. The famous professional of the USA times Edward C Baig and Google’s Travis Trekell made a conversation in the lab. Most interestingly the noises and echoes are removed from the room. The only thing detected is the user’s voice. Google is now working hard to make such an algorithm that can isolate the searcher’s voice and remove the external voices of bus, train or coffee shops. Google has announced that error rates on voice searchers have been reduced to 8% only where the same was at a level of 25% few years earlier.

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