How much Referral Traffic do you have?

All the basic efforts behind a website are for more and more traffic. There are number of ways to increase clicks on your site like Social media, PPC campaigns or referral traffic. Here is the discussion about the last one. This is the source where without any investment you can earn a better ROI. The referral traffic generally comes from the world of web. In this process the visitors are sent from other domains. So, it will be possible only when you have valuable resources or quality content on your site. This is also part of social activity that should send better positive response to the search engines. There are some other outcomes of referral traffics. This is a sign of trustworthiness as many websites prefer you in front of the users. As many sites will start linking back your site, there will be more positive response to your site. After adopting the following aspects you may check the status of your site’s referral traffic on Goggle analytics.  Here, I have structured some important measures for more referral traffic. You must check it out:-

  • Social Media: - Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or linked In are the better avenues to generate referrals. You can share your favorite blog posts, comments or other resourceful manners through these social sites. Human beings are also social in the world of web. They are always connected with these platforms. If they like your content or brand or service, there will be traffic flooding to your site.
Social sites like Reddit and Stumble Upon are better examples to increase referral traffic. Stumble Upon is always in a search of exceptional content and also it is quite ready to share it. Another name is Reddit. Reddit has a record of 2 billion page views a month. It should be kept on mind that Reddit only welcomes the quality and resourceful content or post. So, before entering Reddit you must think about the quality of your post and if you have the same the Reddit community will bring billion of referral traffic at a glance. Linked In is more professional as this social site is mostly entertained by business professional. So, if your posts get rank on Linked In there will be millions of referral traffic at a glance.
  • Referrals from News and Press Release: - It is better idea to ventilate the up-coming events or other activities through press release or news. Suppose, you are going to launch a new brand product or service and you have operated a press release, there will more and more new bloggers who will be eager to post something on the new product. Moreover, you may publish the newsworthy matters to attract referral traffic.
  • Blog Referrals: - Each and every brand is eager to join the blogosphere as this the only place where the maximum focusing happens. Actually a blog brings more clearance and support for indexing a page site. Moreover you have to prepare for a regular guest posting schedule for more popularity and referral traffic. Suppose a user has come to your site via an anchor link mentioned on Facebook and that means Facebook has determined you as a worthy one. These types of blog referrals may increase your business at a glance.
  • Pinterest: - According to a study of Shareholic, it has been found that pinterest has brought more traffic referral than Twitter. If you have not started yet, it is the time to gain more referral traffic and start pinning.
Conclusion: - So, these are all about to increase your referral traffic. Use the tricks and start a better campaign for more business and popularity. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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