How to Achieve Maximum Indexation for A Larger Website?

Suppose you have launched a website and there many pages having different categories. Now, all these efforts are made for the users followed by more business. So, the users have to discover the respective pages according to their query, but how it will be possible? If the search engine is not aware of the fact, it cannot place the pages in front of the users. So, it is very important to index the pages with the search engines like Google.
  • What is indexing?
Google has launched search bot software namely Googlebot and it generally keeps the record and information of each page of the websites. These movements of collecting information from page to page are known as crawling. Once the data is collected through crawling, they are included to Google’s searchable index. Now, users can make a query and the respective relevant pages will come as the result. The sitemap data provided by the webmaster help Googlebot in the crawling process.
  • Some important precautions
1. Link authority: - Your site must have some high quality links. Now, you have to make a comparison with your competitor sites are they truly efficient? Before indexing you must check this factors why the users should choose your link rather than going with some high quality competitor site? 2. Content duplicity: - Your web pages have lots of content. Now, you are to check is your content being theft or other websites are publishing the same content? Another thing is that you have to be careful while framing title tag and Meta description so, that these do not match with other sites resources or contents. If search engine index many pages with similar content there will be a duplicity issue and you may have chance of penalty. 3. Internal link building:- Your site may have many internal linking and you do not have to make the search engines force to cover a long distance. You must prepare linking to similar quality pages in a better navigational way. In this concern you should avoid low value pages. 4. Growth rate: - Is your site growing slow? YOU should always check the competitor site’s growth rate to chase the competition. To check the status of indexing you may go to Google’s webmaster tools and click on index  The above graph shows how many pages are already indexed. The legend is for current indexation and the graph is the statistics for a year.
  • Some steps to fix problems
1. Always use page relevant titles/Meta descriptions and URLs:- By maintaining such relevancy there will be right exposure according to right query at the right time. Another benefit will be that the search engines can crawl and index your site easily. 2. Sitemaps: - after a better link building with some quality contents you may better help the search engines to understand the web of your site by providing sitemap. A better site map is a convincing way of indexing. 3. Remove low quality: - If some low quality pages are already indexed, try to remove them by using the guidelines from Google webmaster tools. Another way to promote them is to integrate them with high quality pages. 4. You must reduce the site depth by offering many options on a single page instead of using many similar pages. 5. In internal link building strategy always try to use high quality pages.
  • Some good signs of indexing
1. If you are getting more and more and traffic from relevant search queries, you have better indexed all the pages of your site. Moreover, all the pages are visible on the web.   2. If users are talking about your brand and you are getting more natural links your market share is going done because now you have to request for every single link.   3. Supplemental indexing problems are related to content duplicity. If you have any pages not indexed, you should fix the duplicity issue.
  • Conclusion
So, these are all about the valuable information regarding page indexing. What do you think about this? Do not forget to place your valuable comments to make this article more resourceful.

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