How to Create a Page in Wordpress CMS?

Are you a beginner for wordpress? Do not be worried. Creating a wordpress page is like to post a comment on Facebook. You just follow the steps and experience how easier it is.
  • To add a new page on the wordpress site, first go to the ‘add new’ option which is available on ‘pages’ menu at wordpress dashboard.
  • It is like a post editor to edit.
  • Make a ‘title’ of the page. It must express the detail of the page as well as relevant to the URL.
  • Now it is the time to add some ‘content’.
  • Now if you are ready to ‘publish’, just choose the publish option. If you want to publish it later, choose ‘Drafts’ to save the page. You can schedule a time for publishing it later.
  • The ‘page attributes’ section play the role of a guide and template to the new page. In this section you can set your pages into hierarchies.
  • There are wordpress themes which will allow applying a template to your new page.
  • The ‘order box’ is there to set pages ranking. Here you may use alphabets or numerical in the box.
  • Use ‘preview’ button to test your page before publishing.
These are all about the beginning of a wordpress page. The more customization will be discussed on the next post. Just try this and launch your page. Do not miss to leave your response.

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