How to Deal with Google’s Malware Warnings?

Google is always engaged to protect web surfers, to be attacked by malicious sites. Most of the application and search engines use Google’s malware database to identify the harmful sites. Generally these types of sites include malicious content inserted by hackers. These sites may harm and create severe software related problems. So, you will be aware that your site is blacklisted or not. Just put the URL in the following box and check it. If you have found your site has been blacklisted, then there must be some malicious content on the site. What you will do now. At very first you have to receive help from Google to know why the site has been blacklisted. Next you have to clean the site and make a request to Google for reviewing if there is anything existing. If not, then your site is free from threat. Here is the elaborate discussion of the process. I believe that these tips will help you out easily from the mishap if your site is detected as a black site. Have a look. 1. How to Interpret Google to Find out the Reason? At first you have to find out what has been blacklisted by Google on the site? It may occur for a single page, many pages, the whole blog, whole the website and sub domains.
  • You will get such information at “Diagnostic page for ”
  • The next step is to find when Google has visited your site last time i.e. scan date.
  • Not only the scan date, you must know the discovery date also.
  • Now you are going to clean your site and mark the cleaning date.
  • All these dates are important because Google does not visit your site daily.
  • Briefly observe the discovery date and cleaning date after completion of your task.
  • Now it’s time to inform Google for request a malware review via Google’s webmaster tool.
  • Google will rescan the site within few hours and will send the report.
After the completion of the review your site will be in quarantine. The reason is that you may restore the pages or removed the malicious pages temporarily. Google will scan the site for more one or two times. If you have cleaned up your site and have not yet requested for a review, Google will take it differently that the clean-up process has not been operated for the whole site. In such situation Google will be waiting for malware review. You may remove the infected contents or the whole web pages. If you have omitted the web pages, Google will think that the pages may be restored. In such situation the whole process will need longer time. So, I am suggesting remove the malicious articles or contents. If the problem has not been solved and you cannot understand what the problem is, you have to take help from “What happened when Google visited this site?” in the section of diagnostics page. What Should you do if Malicious Domains are not Found? Basically, the references to the malicious domains cannot be detected by simple scans. The reason is that the hackers usually change the domain names on a regular basis. So, if you are finding a malicious domain on your site, it may be changed to another name. As a result Google will show the name of the malicious domains on your site that may no longer exist on the site. You may search for the sites mentioned on the diagnostics process on the web. It may happen that someone has caught them earlier to list as website exploiting sites. Where to find the malware details? If your site contains malicious content and have malware threat you may analysis of the same in the Webmaster tool. In the “security issues” section you will find the pages where malwares are found. 2. How to Clean Up Your Site? As well as you have got the infection, you must remove it as early as possible to come out from the black list. Malicious files may be hidden in the directory structure. It may seem like legitimate file. So, before you start you have to attempt to delete all of these files. The easier way is to restore every object of your site from a fresh back up copy. After you have cleaned your site you must take special measures to confirm that your site will not be re-infected as the hackers run up date program frequently for the malware contents. To implement this follow the steps:-
  • Start with your PC. Make sure your PC or laptop is totally virus free and protected with antivirus.
  • Regular scan for malware and essential software must be up to date.
  • After completion of the cleaning program, you must change all the site passwords.
  • Hackers generally targets third party application and scripts to make the entry of malware on your site. Whenever you are using such be assure that blog forums, CMS solutions or e-commerce sites, make sure that they are up dated and verified.
  • Always try to use secure protocols like SFTP or FTPS. At present FTP has been considered is an insecure protocol and if you are on FTP, change the protocol. If your host has no other options to change the protocol, find another web host who will provide secure protocols.
3. Why it is Necessary to Ask Google for a Review? If you do not make a request for review, it will take few weeks to be released from the charge of blacklisting. So, this is the recommendation to inform Google as well as you have completed the cleaning process and the review will be done within few hours. There are several benefits of the request review. Google will be pleased to check the matter that the site owner is quite aware of the problems and have taken steps to fix the problems faster. In this way you will be considered on the priority list to be scanned your site faster. Now, to start the review process you have to go to the webmaster tool where you have to verify your account. After the verification you will be able to request a review. If you have confusions that the site has totally been cleaned or not, do not be afraid. You will be informed the status and rest of the malicious pages through GWMT account. Then you can fix them all and request another review. In this concern I am reminding you to add both WWW and Non WWW versions. Here in the “Security issues” sections you will find the messages regarding problems. Now you have to wait for hours till Webmaster tool up dates the new status of your site. If you don’t find the warnings check the regarding dashboard. If Google specifies more URLs that are infected, do not try to delete or remove whole the page, but you must remove the infectious content of the respective pages. Here, there is another matter to be included. If you are trying to come out from black listing, you should use Malware reviews instead of reconsideration request. Reconsideration request is not an automated function, and may several weeks to be implemented. So, these are all about to get a relief from malware infection. Try to implement the measures to get a better and appreciable approach in the world of web. Do not forget to leave your responses.

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