How to Frame an Appreciable “About Us”- Analyze with Better Instances

The “About Us” page is a crucial part for each and every website or blog as it is the place where the relationship with a visitor begins. It is the initial part of a page that receives the first click from a user. So, you understand better the importance of the page. Everything depends upon the first impression. For all these I have framed this article, so that you will be better aware of the fact along with some great examples of About Us pages on the internet. You must have a look. The compact formula of “About Us” page: - The “About Us” page must be informative. Though it does not carry the whole information of your site, but it must include some views who and what you are. The basic thing is that the page must include domain name and web host. There are several measures to be taken to launch a better “About Us” page. I have compiled the most effective ones. You should have a look.
  • Only the Necessary Information: - Do not make the page far lengthy that the user becomes bore. You need not include the whole site’s details in this page. Only include the necessary information that a user deserve.
  • Your Bio Data: - The user must be aware at the basic glance who you are and what you can do beneficial for the visitor. This can make the visitor more interested about you. Moreover, this page is the bio data of you and your business.
  • Be aware of the Presentation or Design: - This is an important matter of your basic appearance. The respective must be designed well with a special relevancy with your service. The design must be well patterned with an informative touch.
  • Provide your Social Status and Authenticity Proof: - A better “About Us” page always includes the past success and some reviews of your business. It will better constitute your personality and business image.
Here I have mentioned some of the appreciable “About Us” pages. If you want to make your own more attractive and perfect you should have glance over them. 1. Tim Ferriss The blog of Tim Ferriss is a renowned resource of inspiration and the introductory page as well as the “About Us” page is far appreciable. The “About Us” page contains the quote of a better description of whole the site. This is the example of precise description I have mentioned earlier. Tim’s “About Us” page is a good example of information and the social proofs from different magazines and social point will help you understand to acquire the tactics.

2. Moz SEOmoz is one of the reputed search engine optimization companies and launched its “About Us” page in a different manner. The respective page has been published in a robust manner and the different sections like TAGFEE, TEAM, JOBS AND CONTACT have established a compact idea about the whole perspective.

The key tone of the page sounds like more and more betterment. That is the reason it has used its social success to promote its personality and presence. 3. Tumblr It has a more accurate “About Us” page with more and more information. The detail account of employees and blog posts have proved its reliability and social proof. A user can experience the latest blog posts on the same page. Moreover, it is more informational. After scrolling down you will get further. There are the remarks of the other brands and what they tell about Tumblr. 4. LessFilms The more renowned video production company LessFilms changes their mood of “About Us’ page like seasons. The key tone is the uniqueness of the page and the same has better established its personality and popularity. The introduction of the chiefs and the wrestling image has produced the strength of the firm.

5. Adidas The superbly used graphics has constituted a different personality of this sports shoe making company. You may see the graphics are placed to represent the earlier history of Adidas shoes. So, there is no doubt that it’s all about the branded shoes and its evolution with the time. The most important thing to learn from this page is that a better presentation of graphical content is far enough to catch user’s attention. 6. Gummisig This is a web designing company and you have better seen that the larger text has been used to grab the attention of the users. It is a basic approach to make understand the user that the service is all about the design. With the image along with the question he is asking about is quality and not boasting about him.

7. Dashing Dish Katie Farrell has well defined the story quite precisely what the story is behind becoming a dish maker. It is very simple. The provided images and videos will provide better information to the visitors how some healthy recipes of food are prepared that should be defined as junk. Moreover, it is the better description of simplicity.

8. MailChimp MailChimp’s “About Us” page is a mixture of better presentation and fun. The images used generally to mingle humor with your mailing status. Their quotation about email marketing service has clearly constituted the fact of the necessity of email marketing. The focusing is all about honesty and this page is another example of simplicity.

9. I Shot him Most of the visitors may be confused with the name. Is it a symbol of violation? Actually it is creative studio located in San Francisco. The name is quite enough to grab the attention and after the detail quotation on the “About Us” page will provide the rest of the information. The page is more flexible and responsive that you will get more and more information as you proceed.

10. Copyblogger The more compact “About Us” page has been launched here. The first quotation likes “Want more traffic, links, subscribers and a profit generating website? Copyblogger gives you the solutions you need to succeed.” It is more and more refresh tagline to make understand the service of the site at a glance. Most of the websites starts with author’s bio and here is the difference with Clark. At the beginning he has described the beneficial aspects of the users and followed by own bio data. This is a better structure and framing of an absolute “About Us” page.

11. Problogger Problogger is entirely about freelancing writers along with a better “About Us” page. Most of the users on the web visit this page of Darren Rowse to get a glance how to write an “About Us” page. The popularity and demand of Problogger and the “About Us” page is Darren Rowse. He is a branded personality and so much discussed name in the news. The story based introduction and personal affairs have become this about us page more popular. This page is a great source of information and a guide for the fresher.

12. Bentley Motors One of the most luxurious and reputed vehicle Bentley has launched a better impression over “About Us” page. The most attracting thing is that the page represents the aristocrat and modern imagery of a car. The professionalism has been highly reflected.

13. Toby Powell One of the most famous web site designers Toby Powell has better launched his “About Us” page representing the large text front in front of a crumpled up paper as a background. The design clearly expresses the motifs of the service. The attached portfolio has made the page more informative providing a chance to the users for reliability.

14. Joseph Payton One of the better About Us pages that should not be omitted by the web designers. Here, Joseph has designed himself as a caricature and without mention or referring personal data; he has become able to represent himself in a different manner.

15. Andrew Reifman It is very tough in the era of highly competition to be a successful freelancer and sell your talent, skills and contents. Andrew has made it possible with a better introductory page. There is no doubt about his efficiency, but the “About Us” page has better constituted his personality and caliber. The page consists of all the necessary information along with a better comical graphic designing. So, these are all about the ethics of an “About Us” page. Know the tricks and strategies used in the above instances and launch your better one. I want to know intelligent opinions. You must leave yours.

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