How to Place an Admin on a Fan page?

The fact is very clear to the Facebook users that the role of a page admin always revolve around the Fan pages and not over the personal profiles. A Facebook page admin can do a lot of operations like uploading of photos and videos, launching of Facebook ad campaigns, commenting on other posts and status updates. As a buying media analyst I have realized the roles of a page admin including the management of the other team members who are specified for ad campaigns or status update. For the beginners it is quite hard to understand how to place an admin on a fan page and how all other operations can be handled. Here, I have structured this article to overcome the dilemma. If you have placed a Facebook fan page, you have to appoint an admin. Just check it out.
  • #Beginning: - You have to be sure that the admin has already liked the page. The admin role cannot be accessed unless they have liked the page.
  • #Next: - Now you have to collect admin’s Facebook login email address that is used by the targeted admin while logging into their personal Facebook account. The request will be sent to this personal email account.
  • #Next: - Now go to the page, you want to make an admin of and you will see there will be three drop down menus. Now click on the “Edit page” and then “manage admin roles”.
  • #Next: - From the manage admin page you will see that there is a list of all the current admins. To add the new admin you just have to type the respective email address of the admin. There are many options that you may set the limited access to the new admin. There are several options to choose the admin’s authority.
i. Moderator: - As a moderator the admin will be able to respond and manage comments on the page, can create ads and view insights. ii. Advertiser: - As an advertiser the admin will be able to create or delete ads and view insights. iii. Insight analyst: - The admin will be able to view insights. iv. Manager: - The admin will be able to manage admin roles including post and ad creation. v. Content creator: - Choosing this option the admin will be allowed to edit the pages, create ads and posts.

  • #Finally: - Click on “save” and you have placed your admin.
So, these are all about how to place an admin to a fan page. Your opinions are far valuable to make the article more resourceful. So, do not forget to leave your comments. Offer a chance to your friends and followers to opine for the article by sharing the post to your social circles.

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