How to Produce Rich Snippets and Structured Data

Snippets are small piece of brief extracts which generally come out under the search results. These snippets are used to provide a sense to the users about the relevant topics they are searching for. So, it is very evident to launch effective and informative snippets that the users being satisfied make a visit to your site. If Google can understand what your page contains, then why you cannot prepare rich snippets. The most important outcome of rich snippets is that it helps the users to recognize fast, what your page contains. Here are some tips that I have produced after a long-term analysis and hope that you will be helped far. Have a look. 1.    Choose a Proper Format There are three major formats to launch rich snippets. Most of the professional generally use Microdata that Google suggests. But the rest of the two are also applicable. To operate these formats you do not have to be worried about your expertise, but you must have knowledge of basic HTML. Microformats and RDFa are the twos that are less used in the process. You can get references from structured data markup helper that will help you add micro data to your site.


What Should you Choose? i. Microdata ii. Microformats iii. RDFa   Why You Should Use HTML Mark Up? i. This will help Google to understand the variations of different content and variation in different pages. ii. If your site structure is changed frequently. iii. If you want to mark up all data items. iv. It will help understand other search engines as there are no availability of Data highlighter.   Why you should use structured data markup helper ? i. If you want to experience how Google reads data on your site. ii. If you want to make understand other search engines about the same. iii. If you don’t want to mention HTML updates on your page. 2.    Learn to mark up your content There are several categories of digital content that Google support for rich snippets. They are as follows:- i. People ii. Products iii. Reviews iv. Business organizations v. Recipes vi. Events vii. Music viii. Videos   3.    Learn to test your mark up After you have prepared data you must make a trial of the same, i.e. Google can read and extract your mark up data or not. In this concern you have to use Structure data testing tool to determine whether it has done correctly or not. After you have tested the mark up data add the same to your site. Google will read and produce the same on search results. Here you to keep in mind the following aspects; otherwise you will be worried about your rich snippets. i. If the snippets are not shown on the search results make a survey for the reason. ii. It may take longer time to show the rich snippets. iii. The marked up data or rich snippets will not affect your ranking. So don’t be worried much about the snippets. I am suggesting you to mark up all the pages having different contents by using Data highlighter of Webmaster tool. This way Google will be better aware of the fact that which page contains what. In the same way the search results can show the accurate data and destination.

  Why you should use data highlighter? i. If you are not ready to commit resources for updating HTML markup. ii. If your site contents data of events or timeline. iii. If you like to choose clicking instead of using HTML mark up. iv. If you cannot change HTML mark up of a site. v. Data highlighter will make understand Google about the pages without mark up.   So, these are all about to launch and utilize rich snippets. Try to understand the mark up process well and enjoys more potential visitors on your site. Do not forget to leave your responses. All the best.

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