“How to’ Searches on YouTube have Recorded a 70% Increase with a View above 100 million Hours in 2015

It has been estimated that 91% of total smart phone users prefer their devices to search for “how to do something” and in this concern YouTube has achieved an extraordinary attention. Google has announced that the increase of “how to do” video search on YouTube for around 70% in earlier 2015. The searchers are making a common query and that is “how to do something or a practical job?” It is like “How to drive a car” or “how to arrange a party?” In North America the viewing time has been measured over 100 million hours.

According to a survey only few amount of millennial prefers watch a video to learn about something rather than purchasing a product. Google has of opinion that marketers are still unable to grab the mind of a customer or user in case of their needs and demand or purchase of a product. People are searching for how to do something on YouTube and marketers have this opportunity to react to the customer’s need. Google has placed some instructions for to place a better response from the marketers. You must not miss those:-
  • Marketers have to find I want to do moments to establish the fact that a respective product or brand can fulfill the need.
  • Better placement of I want to do content for your website and YouTube for better support.
  • Make your videos resourceful that can be found easily by incorporating descriptive titles and descriptions.
  • Make a research of the time when “how to do” searches occur relevant to particular product or things.
  • Find out the popular questions and answers searchers use to relate with diverse products and things.
Make a test or use Google’s measurement solution to find out if your content had been discovered by your targeted audience or not.

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