How to Utilize Google Webmaster Tools for Attracting More Traffic?

The free web service of Google i.e. Google webmaster tools has brought the new dimension to check the efficiency of a website. Using webmaster tools, the owners and developers of the sites can understand indexing status and they can also enhance the visibility on the web. There are several measuring tools which will guide you to have a boon on traffic. Like the blog post will show you how to improve your ranking. In this concern I have to mention that long tail keywords are quite much effective as they bear almost 60% of the total traffic. The search query tab in GWMT will define you how and which keywords are proving worthy for ranking? If your site is shown in the search results, GWMT will show you the matter; even it is not clicked by the user. To get access the search queries just follow the steps:- Webmaster Tools> Profile> Traffic> Search Queries Now to get a boost for on-page optimization just follow the steps I have provided.
  • First of all, you have to optimize and point out the effective keywords. To lead the process copy the search queries to Google docs and sort them according to the ranking. Now, choose the ones which are not active on bringing traffic and remove them. You have to also find out the effective ones and also think how to optimize them little more. You may also put new phrases and keywords for ranking. To sort the keywords you may follow the navigation below
Click Data> Sort Range> Select the Column> Sort A – Z.

  • So, now you have the keywords which are to be put for ranking. To do that you have to transport them into Google Keywords Planner. Google Keyword tool has another feature that it will find out which keywords are no targeting. So, in this step you will clearly understand, which keywords are worthy but not targeting the traffic, hence they are to be optimized. You must not remove these types of keywords, but try to find more advanced phrases of the same.



  • Basically crawling means how much you can enlarge your site. This is a characteristic of SEO process. In this concern of crawling you may use the frameworks like wordpress or screaming frog which are popular web crawler and site map generator. Basically, it is the process to edit your pages for wider optimization. Make sure that all of the pages of your site have effective keywords and title tags, if not then edit and optimize them. You must check that the alt page and Meta descriptions and also the URLs are well structured and filled out.
Google does give attention to the thin contents and the same may be threatened by Panda. So check that you have posted some quality content that may bring traffic. You may make reference to the internal posts and pages by using internal kinks. Internal links also work as back links and help for ranking. To check the same practically you may visit the link “keyword”. The page will show you the pages where the keywords are properly mentioned. Preferably you have to use variable but advanced keywords with anchor texts.  
  • Now, it’s time to measure how the site is working. Using webmaster tool is the most prominent way of optimization at present. Use this tool so that you will get an effectual report of your site.
  • Another important thing is that identifying the dead URLs. Whenever a user is clicking on a dead URL, there will be a bad impact of the site as the respective page does not display anything. Using Google webmaster tools you may specify the dead links and remove them from counting by the search engines to reduce bounce rate.
  • Site links are set to display the vital pages of your site. If a user is finding for something specific the search engine will help display the particular page which the user is in need. Google webmaster tools provide this feature of making site links which makes the users more satisfied as they get their information with less effort on a single click.
So these are all about GWMT and its better outcome. Try to follow the steps and leave your response how they worked.

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