Importance and Benefits of the SEO Referral Program

Importance and Benefits of the SEO Referral Program

In the realm of Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization is an integral part. For an organization, the main objective of practicing SEO is to improve website visibility by acquiring a top place in the SERP results. In India, you will find many reputable SEO companies that are striving to build new alliances and partnerships by means of different innovative approaches and working hard to achieve business growth. All these are leading to the overall growth and development of the Digital Marketing Industry.

The SEO Referral Program – An Overview

In the present day, different ways are used to promote a business among potential customers with the objective of augmenting the SEO business growth. One of the newest and most effective methods of promoting an organization’s products and services to the new customers through word of mouth referrals and recommendations on the basis of the experience of availing of the SEO services of the organization is termed as the SEO Referral Program. Such a referral program proves to be very effective in generating more leads and promoting sales as the business becomes known to different clients from diverse sectors.

How does the SEO Referral Program Work?

The main protagonist in this program is the SEO referral partner. If you want to generate maximum leads from the SEO Referral Program, you have to have clients, who possess a long list of professional contacts. And then only your business can possibly be referred to other clients, who need result-oriented SEO services, and this is the only way to make this program work. You have to keep in mind that the service recommendations can come from non-existing customers as well. It is possible that a person/business has learned about your impressive SEO services and recommending the same to other people/businesses. No matter how simple it may sound, this word of mouth promotion technique actually works today and proves to be beneficial for the SEO service providers. Also, many companies offer a percentage of commission to the customers/SEO referral partners as a token of gratitude for referring their services to other companies.

What are the advantages of implementing the SEO Referral Program?

  • Helps us to reach a wider spectrum of clients with expert SEO services – The process of Search Engine Optimization is a challenging one and needs skillfulness and expertise on the part of the SEO team members. Zebra Techies Solution is one of the most flourishing SEO companies in India. We provide our clients with top-notch SEO and Digital Marketing services and solutions in over 30 countries across the globe. Our range of clients is diverse and through the SEO Referral Programs, we aim to reach clients in different other sectors with our specialized services, and thereby, extend our client base. The SEO Referral Programs help us in this endeavor and contribute to our business growth. 


  • Offering business flexibility to the organizations – For extending the client base, the SEO Referral Programs proves to be very effective. After completing 10+ years in the field of Digital Marketing and optimizing over 5000 websites successfully, reaching more diverse sections of clients with our services is our priority now and this, we believe, we can achieve through the SEO Referral Programs.


  • No lock-in contracts for our SEO Referral Partners – We attach no compulsions or obligations with our SEO Referral Programs and our customers or non-customers may recommend us to other organizations at their own free will if they consider our services worth referring. 


  • Contenting commissions – We are truly appreciative of our customers and companies, who refer our services to the new prospective clients and we never shy away from thanking them by offering a small percentage of commission, around 10% of the converted leads, to our referral partners. Sometimes, the referral commission is provided as a one-time payment and at times as a monthly recurring commission, and this entirely depends on the type of clients we are signing from the referral. We pay the referral commissions to our referral partners via PayPal or bank transfer. 


Final Words

This uncomplicated and non-technical word of mouth technique proves to be very fruitful in promoting a business and its products and services among a diverse range of clients and thereby, generates an increased number of leads, paving the way for success and business development.

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