Is Joomla at the Eleventh Hour in 2015?

After the implementation of Joomla in 2005, it used to be considered as one of the prime CMSs by a large amount of developers. As time passed the time has made its impact and now in 2015 the effectuality and demand of this CMS will be a debatable conversation. We have experienced that every advanced technologies has its secret faults. Joomla is also not the exception. It has carried some good measures along with some leakage. This discussion is not critical, but wholly realistic and may put some light over the conclusion. The appreciable manners Joomla has been considered as the second most popular CMS just after word press. It is so popular for some effective features like object oriented programming language, robust navigation, smoothly functional and more secure framework, structural ability and finally the advancement of modules and plug ins. Joomla has been downloaded more than around 50 million times and at present it is providing 3% of the total support to websites. The embedded templates like Protostar and Beez3 have also introduced advanced features and techniques. With these features, the proper use of Joomla can prove it as a very powerful website building network. The leakages Beside all these, there are several reasons through which it has been left behind by word press and other CMSs. The vital disadvantage of Joomla at present, is that it is not updated also not implanting anything new with the spiking time. The internal system has become more fragile and it is still based on the age old semantics. Another one is related to search engine optimization. Comparing with others Joomla has performed more poorly to the interactions of SEO. The old age plug-in repository and extension has also created the tagline as backdated CMS because most of them are outdated. These obstacles have made Joomla harder to operate for the users. The developers should have to implement the modern and user-friendly extensions to compete the other CMSs.     With the launch of the first CMS version 1.0 in 2009, Joomla introduced more functionalities, backend user-friendliness and updates. It was still fine till the version of 1.5. Later they stressed on the updates and new practices instead of leaving the age old core system. At present these issues have become more fatal for Joomla to resist in the market. So, it is quite clear, if the developers will not think about the change, this CMS will experience fewer people sticking to Joomla. Actually this CMS is less user-friendly. A common user or a beginner will be more complicated to operate it. Whereas the operating procedure especially the plug ins of other CMSs are quite easy. In smart technology, i.e. in case of i-Phone or smart phone and even in desktops, the site speed and loading optimization is very poor and time-consuming for Joomla. This affects the traffic access. More practically whenever we find any access is time-consuming; we should skip over the same. This is the reason that Joomla is losing its traffic and importance. However, at present, Joomla’s market position clearly states that it is not used by many sites and is also have less traffic day by day. Though according to some users, Joomla is still the perfect and much easier to maintain than other CMSs, its position in the market and low traffic is predicting the sign of danger.

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